’s Mike Fleming laments:

The gayest of the gay “Idol” runner ups announced 22 tour stops this summer, but even if we are the gayest city in America, Adam Lambert fans in the ATL won’t be able to catch him here.

Just a month after finding out Atlanta isn’t gay enough for “Glee,” the Glam One gave us the same middle finger, announcing May 15 through Sept. 18 dates from Wilkes-Barr, Pa., to St. Petersburg, Fla., but no stops in Georgia.

But, you know which big Southeastern city does get a Glambert stop? Yeah, that would be the Queen City. On July 2. Info here.

P.S. — Lambert will perform at the N.C. Music Factory’s Fillmore… just yards from the Lesbian & Gay Community Center of Charlotte.

Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

17 replies on “Adam Lambert proves: CLT gayer than ATL?”

  1. Your facts are incomplete. Adam said he will be adding numerous shows to the released schedule as soon as the dates are finalized with the venues. I’m sure Atlanta will be included.

  2. Atlanta may be on the list of shows but not finalized yet. I think your article needed to say “gay” a few more times for effect.

  3. Atlanta has not been very supportive of Adam. I barely hear his song here. Both pop stations have stopped playing it.

  4. Maybe you should gether a few facts before publishing and making a fool of yourself!

  5. Gil and (series of long letters person)… Three words: tongue-in-cheek.

    From a comment at the original blog:

    The whole thing is tongue-in-cheek, hopefully letting fans know and making sure they reach out to get their guy here.

    I said nothing about his character, so there’s no defamation. I love Adam and his saucy ways. If you were a regular reader, you’d know I am one of the ones “following” him too. And yes, he has added four dates since Friday. If and when he adds Atlanta, I’ll be on the bandwagon with that report, hailing it as a victory for Adam fans.

  6. I think ATL is plenty gay, at least as much as CLT! Plenty, plenty, not to worry…….

  7. Atlanta will be on his tour schedule. I am certain that our wonderful community will be incredibly supportive when he’s in town!!

  8. What’s so funny about the report? What the hell does Adam’s music have to do with gays? Not gay enough – not very humorous for me.
    If I were a gay singer, I’d stay in the closet for ever. That’s how you shut people up about gay music.

  9. Hey listen – get your facts straight. No pun intended. Adam is in Chatlotte, NC on 7/2, at Myrtle Beach on 7/3. Many dates are not completed yet. So before doing some inane blog get your facts.
    Otherwise you will be bitchslapped.

  10. Well a search of this blog shows NO articles on Adam Lambert except this one so once again, another blogger trying to capitalize off of his name. Where was Mike Fleming et al last November with Aaron Hicklin faux gay rights trash talking POS slamming the boy the week before the biggest appearance of his life?

  11. This week while Adam was signing autographs overseas a fan asked him if he would be coming to Atlanta and he said “probably”. He said all venues aren’t finalized yet but should be soon.

  12. According to Adam he is a singer and being gay has nothing to do with his career. Why don’t you quit labeling him and let him be the great entertainer he is. I don’t recall reading articles about “the straight Kris Allen”? Or the gay Elton John. Try to have a unique thought in your head before you write another article would ya? Boring…..

  13. Hey how about working on requesting his songs more on the radio!!

    more love means more sales, means more money for more tours!!!!!!!!

    damn the man has some impatient fans!

    and Yes I too am waiting patiently for him to come father south, and I know he will!

    can’t wait!!

  14. what happens if Adam doesn’t tour in Atlanta?

    I check venue dates and the Civic Center has almost no bookings in July. *crosses fingers*

  15. Tour dates continue to be added.

    Request Adam’s song “If I Had You” by phone or web for your radio station to play.

  16. @ummm what happens – Civic Center sounds bigger than the venues Adam is looking for on this tour. He’s not doing many shows that are more than 4-6000 seats. Which is making his shows sell out real fast! I’m sure he’ll hit ATL tho – esp if his singles show some play on your radio stations. He’s gotta know he’s wanted – show him some love ATL.

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