The Lesbian & Gay Community Center of Charlotte holds their monthly Community Roundtable discussion group tonight, Tuesday, June 29, 6:30 p.m.-8 p.m. They’ll be discussing the state of the local LGBT community.

From their newsletter:

The roundtable series continues at the center with the latest topic, ‘LGBT, a Divided Community?’. Some people may ask, is there really any unity to be found within our own LGBT community? Come to this discussion and let us know what you think by participating or just sit and listen to what others have to say. As always with any event here at the center, your anonymity is respected at the roundtable.

On their website, the Center says tonights discussion could be “our most important Community Roundtable so far,” and asks community members: “What are your thoughts on the state of our local LGBT community? How can we improve our efforts towards becoming a truly unified community?”

You can join the discussion at the Lesbian & Gay Community Center, 820 Hamilton Street, Suite B-11. (map)