Charlotte Viewpoint writer Amanda Pagliarini discusses equality for LGBT people in her column today:

Blacks in the back. Women shut their mouths. The White Man rules.

It’s natural to look back in our history and feel disbelief and shame at how minority groups at one time faced lawful discrimination. A time when only whites held office, women were not allowed in the military, interracial couples were denied the right to marry, and an African American could be turned away from worship by a white church that didn’t want him.

We shake our heads at these appalling ideas that we are quick to regard as antiquated. Unfortunately, these are practices of modern day America. This is modern day America for homosexuals.

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(P.S. — Pagliarini’s piece is right on the money, and inspiring. I’m happy to see it published. But, I do have to put in my own two cents: the word “homosexual” makes my skin crawl! It is now used primarily by anti-LGBT activists and sounds clinical and just plain old “ugh.” Further, some polling shows reactions to “homosexual” are far more negative than to “gay”, “lesbian” or other such terms.)

Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.