Black Eyed Peas singer-songwriter Fergie told New Music Express in an interview that she wants Obama to do more on the marriage equality front.

In responding to a question about her views on Obama generally, she said that he’s done a lot for America from a foreign relations standpoint. She went on to say, “I wish they could do more about gay marriages though. That’s my one thing that I want to happen — for gay marriages to have equal rights. So I’m pushing for that.”

Fergie said in 2009 she’s bisexual, and that though she’s never had a steady girlfriend, she has had a number of lesbian experiences. She is now married to actor Josh Duhamel.

Watch the video here.

Tyler DeVere

Tyler DeVere is a former editorial intern for QNotes.

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  1. “Done a lot for America from a foreign relations standpoint”?! Is this bean-brain serious??? What a twit! She really has no clue when it comes to politics and should just stick to what she knows best,which is pretty much bad singing. LOL!

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