Originally published: Sept. 14, 2010, 8:14 p.m.
Updated: Sept. 20, 2010, 11 a.m.

CHARLOTTE — Business owners at the center of fundraising fraud allegations attempted to smooth over controversy Tuesday, Sept. 14 after the president of a non-profit animal rescue group alleged they had misrepresented their intentions in fundraising at an event this summer.

In a complaint to the North Carolina Secretary of State’s Charitable Solicitation Licensing Section, Project Halo’s Rhonda Thomas alleged for-profit WoofTease owners and Club Cub directors Rex Mumea and Dustin Slate fraudulently identified her organization as a beneficiary of their July 29-Aug. 1 “WoofTease Presents Club Cub” party at the Ramada Inn on W. Woodlawn Rd. In the complaint, which Thomas provided to qnotes, she said she had yet to receive any funds raised through the event.

Last Tuesday Mumea and Slate delivered a $100 check to Thomas, and told qnotes the controversy was the result of “drama” created by a former Club Cub organizer. Mumea said he would have rather handled this situation out of the public spotlight, and that he was holding true to his original statements to Thomas.

“We are following through with exactly what we said we’d do in the time frame we said we’d do it in,” Mumea said. “We said we’d get everything done in mid-September. It is September. We are getting everything done. We are following the timeline we set out for them when we had our original conversation with them.”

Eighteen pages of documentation, including transcripts of voicemail messages and email communication, were attached to Thomas’ complaint to the Secretary of State’s office.

In one email dated Aug. 20, Mumea tells Thomas he has yet to complete accounting work for events held in July and August.

“We are in the middle of several weeks of business related travel,” Mumea wrote. “All of this in the middle of moving, running a t-shirt business, planning several future events and fund raisers, and assisting with other events/fund raisers. We’ll have the time to sit and do accounting mid September for July and August events.”

A transcript of an Aug. 21 voicemail message allegedly from Mumea to Thomas was provided with the complaint. In it, Mumea reiterates a forthcoming donation to Project HALO.

“So, once we get a chance to get our accounting done we’ll make a token donation umm to fulfill our obligation,” the transcript reads. “Umm, the remainder of the funds that we had set aside we’ll put towards a good use for a umm for probably a different charity. … Umm, beginning of September you can be looking forward to a token donation from us.”

Slate said he and Mumea have a meeting set up with Thomas for later this week. “Hopefully the matter can be solved,” he said.

Thomas isn’t yet sure how she will handle the official complaint but, like Mumea and Slate, said she hopes the situation will result in an amicable resolution.

In a related concern, qnotes asked Mumea and Slate about the current state of Club Cub’s non-profit status. On its website, Club Cub identifies itself as a 501(c)4 non-profit corporation, but a search of the Secretary of State’s corporations database returned no listing for WoofTease or Club Cub. Neither Mumea nor Slate were found as registered agents for any corporation, either for-profit or non-profit. Mumea and Slate both said their non-profit application had been submitted to the IRS and was pending. Their pending status is not listed on the Club Cub’s website.

Update (Sept. 20, 2010, 11 a.m.): Late last week, qnotes learned that Dustin Slate, Rhonda Thomas and Jeff Enochs, a former Club Cub treasurer, had met and decided to put their disagreement aside. Enochs said the three had come up with a statement, but wasn’t yet willing to release it to the media. However, in comments on this story, Enochs, Slate and Thomas all agree that the controversy was a “misunderstanding.”

“Dustin, Jeff Enochs and I sat down last week,” Thomas writes. “Although I have not received a monetary donation from Club Cub I have agreed to drop this matter. Dustin and I have agreed that a donation will be made to Project HALO but the terms have yet to be finalized.”

Enochs had come under attack by Rex Mumea and anonymous commenters for alleged misappropriation of funds. Thomas writes, “Dustin also agreed that Jeff Enochs stole nothing from Club Cub and Jeff had all the documentation to prove this.”

Echoing her remarks, Enochs writes, “Project Halo, Dustin Slate and myself sat down for a meeting and agreed that we would not escelate [sic] this issue any further. Project Halo and ClubCub have reached an agreement that honors the donation promised, and after reviewing all 2009 finacial [sic] records Dustin has agreed that there were no misappropriation of funds. Any further action is a result of the State of NC and no longer involves Halo or Myself.”

Although Project HALO says it will drop the issue, the official complaint and any pending investigation by the Secretary of State could continue.

“If the parties try to come to some sort of agreement amongst themselves, generally speaking it’s not like there is a simple, one-size-fits-all answer to it,” Secretary of State spokesperson Liz Proctor told qnotes. “It would really just depend on the fact pattern. The question would still come down to whether or not we thought there had been a violation of state statute.”

Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

146 replies on “‘Club Cub’ organizers fend off fraud allegations”

  1. Trademarkinfringement,

    You also need to read up on the trademark laws before you throw out a comment about ripping off logos.

    Specifically refer to the sections about parody, and the many many legal cases where a trademark holder has lost their trademark infringement case against someone who is obviously doing a parody of their trademark.

    Parody is a defense to trademark infringement. The defense is that there is no likelihood of confusion because the parody will not be taken seriously. While it must initially bring to mind the original, it must be unique enough to be clear that it is not the original nor connected with the original, but is a parody, a humorous take-off on the original.

    Everyone in this forum needs to learn more about what they are spewing, and stop trying to spread baseless rumors. If you’ve got some facts about wrong-doing, let’s see them – post them online and create a link to them we can all see. Until that is done, no one will take YOU seriously.

  2. Important Note,

    You were smart to not write a check to someone personally for an alleged donation to a charity.

    How many other people were not as smart as you and wrote checks to Mr. Enoch personally.

    Does Mr. Enoch have any proof of funds that he collected and that he actually turned those over to the event organizers?

    This seems like blatant fraud if it is true, as opposed to the alleged fraud that is being levied against Rex and Dustin’s organization.

    Is anyone investigating Mr. Enoch? Is anyone outraged by his behavior? Doesn’t seem like anyone is in this forum.

  3. Woofsleaze,

    You are baffled that someone would not defend themselves in a public anonymous forum? Really?

    Whether you are right or wrong in a situation, trying to defend yourself against baseless accusations is impossible. Let everyone on this forum put out PROOF from their perspective that something illegal has been done, and then maybe someone would have something to defend themselves against.

    Do you know whether Rex and Dustin have an attorney working for them at this time?

    While I am sure that the Secretary of State would love to have a chat with you about how disgruntled you are about a party you attended, but I don’t think that throwing a bad party is a crime.

    Everyone in this forum needs to learn more about what they are spewing, and stop trying to spread baseless rumors. If you’ve got some facts about wrong-doing, let’s see them – post them online and create a link to them we can all see. Until that is done, no one will take YOU seriously.


    Can you give examples of ““shadiness” and drama” that you mention?

    Are you seriously attacking someone for trying to make a living? You say they were “shamelessly plugging their “bear wear”.” Is this a crime? I think that I see shameless plugging of products about a million times a day on TV, radio and in person. Is a company trying to sell a product supposed to sit in the corner and wait for you to approach them? I think not – it’s called marketing and sales. They were trying to sell a product. Get serious.

    You say “I never returned and encouraged my friends to do the same.” It’s a free market economy and this is your right and choice – isn’t America a great place.

    You also say, “It does not surprise me this happened to these organizers” What specifically is “this” that you refer to – have they been convicted of some crime in the last 48 hours that everyone in this forum but me is aware of?

    Everyone in this forum needs to learn more about what they are spewing, and stop trying to spread baseless rumors. If you’ve got some facts about wrong-doing, let’s see them – post them online and create a link to them we can all see. Until that is done, no one will take YOU seriously.

  5. Brain Helms,

    You say, “If you must know Jeff does have receipts for every dime spent, given to Wooftease, and money returned to the sponsor in good faith”

    Could Mr. Enoch please produce these alleged receipts. Saying it in a public forum like this is not proof.

    Could you be more specific about what contracts were broken? Do you have copies of these contracts that you can show everyone?

    If Mr. Enoch left Club Cub, then all monies collected in the name of Club Cub should have been turned over to the event organizers. Was this done? Is there proof? Can Mr. Enoch post copies of the alleged separate bank account statements that he allegedly set up for the organization?

    You say “What happened to the certified check from Jeff” Can Mr. Enoch prove that said certified check ever existed? Proof please.

    You also say “What about the $1500 in donation money that Jeff gave you to cover the cost of the pool party?” Where is the proof that Mr. Enoch gave over any funds?

    Everyone in this forum needs to learn more about what they are spewing, and stop trying to spread baseless rumors. If you’ve got some facts about wrong-doing, let’s see them – post them online and create a link to them we can all see. Until that is done, no one will take YOU seriously.

  6. Responder:

    I see you make no comments about Club Cub claims of Non-profit. The direct quote from their website

    “Club cub is organized and operated for charitable…purposes withing the meaning and limitations of section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Service Code… and in agreement with the State of North Carolina Non-Profit Corporation Act.”

    A quick check with both the IRS and the NC Sec. of State office (http://www.secretary.state.nc.us/corporations/) reveals both statements to be completely false.

    So tell me, Responder. Is it right to claim you are a Non-profit, when it isn’t true? It is right to claim you have tax-exempt status, when it isn’t true?

    Additionally I’m not sure Club cub would qualify as 501(c)(4). The law specifically prevents social and recreational activities from receiving protection.
    Perhaps they should have read the law, before claiming false protections under it.

    Actual quote “IRC 501(c)(4) provides for tax exemption of: Civic leagues or organizations not organized for profit but operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare. “

    The general concept, however, can be expressed as follows:

    Organizations that promote social welfare should primarily promote the common good and general welfare of the people of the community as a whole.

    An organization that primarily benefits a private group of citizens cannot qualify for IRC 501(c)(4) exempt status.

    Reg. 1.501(c)(4)-l(a)(2)(ii) provides that social and recreational activities are not social welfare activities.

    However, if a substantial part of an organization’s activities consists of social functions for the benefit, pleasure, and recreation of its members, it may qualify for exemption under IRC 501(c)(4) if it is primarily engaged in social welfare activities.
    For example, a garden club that instructs the public on horticultural subjects, holds public flower shows, makes awards for horticultural achievement and also conducts substantial social activities qualifies as a social welfare organization under IRC 501(c)(4) as it is operated primarily to bring about civic and social improvements. Rev. Rul. 66-179, 1966-1 C.B. 139.

  7. Club Corrupt,

    You say “I am sure they don’t pay any taxes on the events.” Can you prove this, or is this another baseless accusation?

    You also say “Never seen on any of the sites “PLUS TAX”” You really need to brush up on your knowledge of the sales tax in North Carolina. Sales tax is not applicable to services, like events. Many companies also have a “tax included” policy where the sales tax is included in the price of the item and there is nothing illegal about this. This is very common in a vendor or flea market environment where making change of pennies, nickels and dimes to account for the sales tax on top of the item price is impractical.

    If you have some proof of sales tax not being paid, please provide it.

    Everyone in this forum needs to learn more about what they are spewing, and stop trying to spread baseless rumors. If you’ve got some facts about wrong-doing, let’s see them – post them online and create a link to them we can all see. Until that is done, no one will take YOU seriously.

  8. Bye Bye Rex & Dustin and Krew,

    You say, “Rex has got a criminal record longer than my arm.” I assume that you have seen this record – so could you please post it for all to see?

    You say “He has been run out of Ohio for doing the same shit he is doing here,” Can you provide any proof of this baseless accusation?

    You also say “the next thing is they will dissolve Club Cub, dissolve Wooftease and then say they are backing out of Bear Daze and letting Troy(hanging out with great folks Troy) from Decadent Ducks run it while they go pack up all their belongings and figure out what other country their going to while waiting for the under the table check from Bear Daze to live off of for another year.” If you think that the proceeds or profits from a single event are enough to live off for a year, you are sadly mistaken. Additionally, I think that the reputation of Decadent Ducks is sufficient for everyone to know that where Decadent Ducks is involved there would be no “under the table” check to anyone.

  9. Woofsleaze,

    You say “when you associate and align yourself with a group that clearly has brought this kind of bad publicity it is bound to happen.” Bad publicity happens to everyone, no matter who you are, you are going to have detractors who throw accusations against the wall to see what will stick. There has been no proof of wrongdoing so far, has there? Only a trial in a public anonymous forum.

    You also say “It is hard to distance yourself when it is being publicized on forums such as facebook or here” Did Troy say he was trying to distance himself from Rex and Dustin? I don’t see that anywhere in his response.

  10. Criminal Records? A quick google search brings these up.. Do a LITTLE homework, Responder, because you seem to be bringing little to the table.

    This first record shows his arrest for Assault


    These next records require you to type in his name in the search box, Rex Mumea but reveal his court cases for unpaid debts


  11. Do they pay taxes on their T-shirt sales? That website also does not have any taxes listed. You seem to be asking a lot of questions but not providing any answers.

  12. The whole issue is not a big deal.
    People have been accused of wrong doings, a sad lil news story ran on a slow news day, now the folks involved will have to resolve it.

    Let me break it down for u . who ever went to a party or a Run because they gave to charity? No one! And we didnt buy our wooftease shirts Because some of the cost may or may not wentto charity. We just wanted a funny shirt.
    …and its wrong to talk down about a run? Hell thats my favorite part. It should be listed on the event list, we all do it, “look at this sad hotel” “this is supposed to be breakfast”,”my 80$ paid for these tired lil decorations?”, “StarTrek?,Seriously?”. U just dont do it publicly.
    As for rex, he is shady, its too many people yelling smoke on that one, for it not to be some fire. Dustin’s reputation and personality has suffered from day one with Rex, we all remember good sweet dustin when he was with blondbear.

  13. Response-I think you are still missing the point about the bad publicity in my comment. Yes bad publicity happens to everyone. If you feel that looking up a companies NON PROFIT status and finding out they are not one, is throwing out a false accusation you are mistaken. I contacted Carolina in the Secretary of States office to make sure I was not missing anything. There are no records of Club Cub being a NON PROFIT.
    I hope that the SOS office does continue to pursue this issue and bring it to trial in a public forum. You don’t reward bad behavior with a slap on the wrist and say don’t do it again. It was clearly stated on the web page they were a 501(c)(4) and Project Halo was the beneficiary.
    You mention that shadiness is OK for someone trying to make a living in a response. Really? Credit card companies will refund on pending investigations, especially if the product was done under false pretense. With the Secretary of State investigating this I doubt it would be difficult not to.
    Parody on T shirts is always going to be there. Deliberate Trademark use and altering it without permission is not a good thing for them. I am almost positive that they have not received permission for at least one of the logos. MLB does not play when it comes to this. We tried once to use their logo for a pee wee league and their response was a definite NO. I wonder if they are aware that there are several T shirts on WT site are using that same logo? My guess is probably no.
    The biggest issue with all of this, is the fact that no apology or remorse has been given to the community. People gave money to go to an event for the past three years. Two of which was under the umbrella of giving to charity. Yes I am sure part of that money was given back in the form of entertainment, food etc. But at the end of the day, if they have nothing to hide, they should should be able to produce all records (like you are asking of everyone who has said things about them) since they are a non profit organization.

  14. WOW, lots of responses that are all from the same person, using “you say” and “Spewing” in almost every response. Here’s my take – Lied about being a non-profit – Two years of events and they offer the charity a $100 check?. All these events scheduled to compete with other events? It all comes back to you. I really hope that the charity winds a judgment. I hope they get charged for fraud in claiming to be a non profit, and I hope they get out of the event arena.

  15. LOL i like that the responder above (that has different names) always ends with the same thing…

    “Everyone in this forum needs to learn more about what they are spewing, and stop trying to spread baseless rumors. If you’ve got some facts about wrong-doing, let’s see them – post them online and create a link to them we can all see. Until that is done, no one will take YOU seriously.”

    Nice Try Rex! Next time you might just want to use the same name or maybe just not end all the comments in the same way LOL

  16. Club Cub/Wooftease joins up with Decadent Ducks…

    What’s that phrase about birds of a feather again?

    Sorry, Ducky, but as long as you have Rex and crew as partners, your “events” will never be seen as legit–just some twinks trying to use a covermodel to muscle in to bear events and take bear money. That having been said, maybe you and Club Cub/Wooftease *are* meant for one another…

  17. About 501c4 status…

    Dallas Bears & Texas Bear Round Up; Columbus Ursine Brotherhood & Bear Camp; Carolina Bear Lodge & Bear Hunt; Bears of Central Florida & Bear Bust are all set up as 501c4 organizations. Under these rules donations are not tax deductible, income from “bear run” events and operations is not taxable as personal income to the organizers.

    A new organization has up to 27 months from the date the organization is created to file. Many organizations need that length of time to raise the $850 filing fee. However many new organizations are currently being advised to wait for a software tool from the IRS called Cyber Assistant in 2011, which will assist with preparation of the application for tax exemption. This online tool will have significantly lower filing fees (expected to be $200).

    It would seem there might not be records of Club Cub being a non profit if they are still organizing their filings.

  18. About the criminal record as long as your arm, “Warrant Withdrawn Req.Prosec.” Usually means the charges were dropped. That and a speeding ticket, let those with out speeding tickets cast the first stone.

  19. Having attended all 4 of the Club Cub events I recall the first (2007) was a back yard pool party. The second (2008) was $10 at the door and included beer and burgers. The third (2009) was $11 online pre-sale (I’ll guess the odd number was to cover credit card processing fees) and $20 at the door with more kegs and more food. The most recent (2010) the weekend package price was tiered at $50 for a month, then $60 for a couple months, then $80 if you registered the month prior. And the list of events included, the pool party with food and beer free (cash bar), two dance parties (cash bar), two after hours with booze included, two world class DJs, two live performers at Sunday brunch, etc. If you didn’t want to buy the package you could pay as you go at the door. That is a comparable line up to many of the bigger runs that charge $50 MORE than the $80 last min. registration fee. Bear Bust = $120 TBRU = $115 Bear Pride = $120

    Bear Bust is in their 20th year, they have national sponsors with approximately 500 attendees at $120 and their charitable donation is $2000. So that is $5 a person. This is the first year Club Cub had a package price, no national sponsors, about 100 attendees and offered a dollar per person donation. Considering they need to raise $850 to file for tax exempt status, if they held those funds back. That comes out to $9 per person they raised.

  20. Something about all this that doesn’t sound right is all the fury about the Secretary of State and reporting any wrong doing. The Secretary of State’s office regulates solicitation. Buying a ticket to an event is not the same as soliciting for donations. Solicitation involves a donation with out remuneration. Buying a run package or paying entrance to a party is an exchange of $$ for services.

  21. Jackson,

    I was never trying to hide the fact that I am the same person who posted the “response to…” posts – I cut and paste the same comment at the end of every post I made because it applies.

    I merely posted my response to each of the earlier posts individually in order to avoid one long post.

    If I were trying to hide the fact that I was posting under multiple names, I could have been a little more creative than that.

    Isn’t Anonymous Posting Fun ? You never know who is behind the keyboard.

    And I am not Rex. I am merely someone who wants to point out that there are a lot of baseless accusations being thrown around, and proof is required in order to PROVE what you are saying.

    And to those of you who complain that I am bringing up questions, but not bringing any answers. I don’t have any answers. I am not involved with HALO or WoofTease, and I don’t even know most of the people involved in this. I am just trying to point out that there have been so many posts with accusations and no proof.

    I guess that no one has heard that in this country you are innocent until PROVEN guilty ?

    I stand by my comment(s) – show me the proof.

  22. Unfortunately for the guys who run club cub or wooftease or what ever else they are involved in. The information that was said to me by Carolina in the SOS office was it seems fraudulent that this company advertised an event as a NON-PROFIT organization. It is public record as to when they actually filed. If it was prior to their posting this event I will apologize, if indeed it was after the fact, you are hosed. You guys offered what you may have thought, was a fair exchange for the price paid and you site many other organizations in your comments. The fact of the matter is, with those run they also feed you several times. The hotel offers a continental breakfast or buffet when you sign up for a room, NOT just a club cub event. Your pool party consistently runs out of beer and food in nominal at that event as well. How many folks actually attended this event this year? Even at 150 folks paying $50 a piece that is $7,500.00. Now I know folks also paid the $60.00 and $80.00 amounts not to mention those ho only went to the pool party. How come your DJ’s charged you this year when in an earlier comment your other DJ gave his service and time as gratis?
    You mention the national runs having sponsors, I saw that you also had sponsors for your run. Did they not have to pay any money for advertising etc. You mentioned on your site that volunteers helped keep costs down, thus enabling you to give more money to your charity, what happened to that?
    I am not upset that it take up to 27 months to file for non profit status etc. I am upset that this whole thing of giving $100.00 to a charity because they called you out. What if they hadn’t, you would have been saying “Sweet” we did it again?
    You guys own a t shirt business why not make 100 T shirts and sell them for Project Halo and give that to them. Your T shirts cost above the national average and they are not a silk screened shirt so I am sure production costs are minimal to you and I am also sure you do not pay any royalty to the companies logos you have altered.
    The last thing I have to add is Dustin made a comment as to it was all a misunderstanding. what exactly does that mean? I address this to both Dustin and Rex as I am sure they read this. I think it’s time they at least explain a lot of things.

  23. Response to Jackson-
    So let me ask you this, if I came to you and said i was putting on a party and the charity was for Juvennille Diabetes and in two years you thought I was giving money to them. It comes out in the paper and on the news that JD has 18 hours of tapes and numerous e-mails that THEY did not even know about this. Then because JD whistle blows on me and complains to the Secretary of State, I show up with a check for $100. You would not be suspicious? I think anyone would. Troy mentioned that after this one event he gave over 3K and his event only happened less than three weeks ago. Theirs happened almost over a year ago for one event and two months for the other.

  24. I think woofsleaze pretty much summed it up in his last post. You are guilty (or ummm wooftease is). How can you charge SO much for a run for 2 years and then have nothing to give to the charity? If you were not planning on giving any money to anything then you shouldnt have said that it was going to charity. You should have just run the event. But you are guilty because you only gave the 100 bucks when you got called out on it (and did it in the nastiest way possible) so there is no “innocent until proven guilty” here.

    Dont say you are running an event to benefit charity if you dont mean it.

  25. since we are on the subject of scammers in charlotte. be cautious when you donate money to campus pride events/fundraisers. it’s all a scam/lie as well.
    those two need to go as well.

  26. This is simply tragic that grown men (and I use that term lightly) are even in the vicinity of all of this drama & mess .. All personal opinions aside about my negative experience at the event, In the words of Truvvy “There’s a story there” and it will all come out in the wash! Instead of mudslinging and bringing more negative attention to “the community” The parties involved should stop trying to throw former volunteers under the bus and take ownership of your actions! “That’s All”

  27. I don’t know where this anonymous poster above comes off saying Campus Pride is a scam. q notes did a survey in the spring of a bunch of local non profits (http://qnotes-launch.newspackstaging.com/6782/infocus-community-non-profits/), campus pride was one of tehm. that info is here:

    According to that info — which is all public info since campus pride IS a REAL non-profit as opposed to wooftease and club cub — Campus prid’es leader Shane Windmeyer made among the least salary in the whole list of paid organization leaders.

  28. Campus Pride Not A Scam-I agree. This forum is about the dealings with Wooftease/ Club Cub and those associated with them. I want to thank you for sharing your information with the group and maybe this will encourage those we are discussing on this forum to to the same, if they have nothing to hide.

  29. I would like to say that events like Campus Pride, and the Decadence Ducks have outstanding reputations and should not be included on any more of these comments. I know what it is like to be pulled into something that you had no dealings with, so lets not do the same thing with these innocent organizations.
    I know I cannot stop the harsh words and tone of these posts, but I am asking for the sake of the community and the people involved that we please stop posting and move on before anymore damage is done to our city’s reputation.
    Project Halo, Dustin Slate and myself sat down for a meeting and agreed that we would not escelate this issue any further. Project Halo and ClubCub have reached an agreement that honors the donation promised, and after reviewing all 2009 finacial records Dustin has agreed that there were no misappropriation of funds. Any further action is a result of the State of NC and no longer involves Halo or Myself.
    I now ask that everyone please, please stop posting comments on here and we start the process of healing.

  30. Dustin, Jeff Enochs and I sat down last week. Although I have not received a monetary donation from Club Cub I have agreed to drop this matter. Dustin and I have agreed that a donation will be made to Project HALO but the terms have yet to be finalized. Dustin also agreed that Jeff Enochs stole nothing from Club Cub and Jeff had all the documentation to prove this.

  31. Thank you both Jeff and Project Halo for your input but the fact of the matter remains, we have yet to hear from both Dustin and Rex. They did something wrong and even though you can say let’s move on, I still know people that did not get one of their T shirts, several of them. You may give them a get out of jail free card, but they need to be accountable for their actions and admit to this community what was done and not just say it was a misunderstanding. I think we are owed this much by them.

  32. Thank God,
    A voice of Reason from Project Halo & Jeff E . Let this die and if there is any further legal actions, be they civil or criminal that will take its own course. Woofsleaze , I received my shirt in the mail last week perhaps you should approach Club cub separately on that one .. I think your frustrations are valid and have been heard.. Lets let our legal system handle this and be humane.
    Perhaps we can put our own energy into living a life well with integrity, remember this life is way to short !

  33. TO: Jeff Enochs,

    Thank you for your kind words about my (and other) organization. Decadent Duck Events has a 15 year history of providing quality events to the community and we plan to continue this tradition well into the future.

    We have always operated in an environemnt of transparancy, and anyone who wishes to examine our fundraising efforts or has questions about how MY organization operates is welcome to email me personally for answers.

    Thanks Jeff,

    Troy Richardson
    Decadent Duck Events

  34. To Everyone Else,

    I wish to say that anyone, at any time can still question me personally about my affiliation with any organization, and I will answer. No matter who I choose to partner with, these decisions are not made lightly or in haste, and a multitude of factors are taken into consideration.

    Decadent Duck Events has been in conversations with many different groups about helping run various events, and yes, this includes Dustin and Rex – this is our business as a Full Service Travel Agency and Group Event Planner.

    Our business model has many different facets to it, and they cannot all be explained here, but everyone can be assured that if I put my company name on something as an Event Sponsor, that absolutely everything will be above board and that everyone can expect the same level of quality event that they have come to expect from my company, all while accounting for every dime of income and expense. Where a charity is involved, anyone at any time can ask me for a copy of my records showing incoming donation sources, and payments to the various charities we support.

    I want everyone to be better educated about the events the choose to patronize. Please pay close attention to the various ways that events say that charitable donations will be made. Is there an express promise that a percentage of your ticket price will be going to said charity, or is it a portion of ‘profits’ or even a portion of ‘proceeds’ (total money collected)? Pay attention, because event costs are astronomical these days, and there isn’t always a profit at the end of the day to give a donation. It’s important to know what you are being promised with regard to charitable donations. I think that everyone has the best intentions in this regard, but not every event is profitable.

    To avoid any confusion at my events, we always specify the exact percentage of an items cost that is going to the charity, whether it’s raffle tickets, class or tour tickets or direct donations. We have learned in the past that basing our donation on profits does not always work in the charity’s favor. This is a lesson that other organizations need to learn on their own as well.

    With regard to the timing of my donations, I am able to make my donations days after an event, because they are not tied to profits, so I do not need to do any post-event accounting in order to find out how much we are going to donate. We’ve been doing this for 15 years, and we’ve learned a lot over the years on how to run events that are in the best interest of everyone involved.

    Lastly, should Decadent Duck Events form a partnership with any organization to promote a particular event, you can be certain that my firm will have complete control over the collection of funds, payment of bills and final accounting. Again, we’ve been doing this a long time, and we are set up to do this better than most.

    I again want to thank Jeff Enoch for his comments about my organization, and I hope that everyone has the chance to attend one of my events and see how Decadent Duck Events runs events that are fun for everyone involved.

    Thanks again,

    Troy Richardson
    Decadent Duck Events

  35. Wooftease is in BIG trouble 90% of their t-shirt designs are trademark and copyright infringements

    Intel, Matel, and about 20 plus companies have been notified that club cub/wooftease are infringing on their designs. Those massive companies are going to smash them

  36. …. And yes I know quite a bit about trademark laws. SOME could be considered a parody, but most are blatant infringement

    So far the legal departments of 20+ companies are looking to either 1) demand removal and sale of infringed designs 2) seek monetary compensation, 3) sue them outright

    I went threw their store and notified each company that they took artwork from, emailed their legal dept, along with the offending graphic, as well as sending them a link to the woof tease store. These emails were all sent out in the past week. I’m fairly certain many legal departments will start contacting bthem asap

  37. Hey Anon – since you seem to have a lot of time on your hands, how about contacting Bank of America and finding out who authorized Jeff Enochs to represent them in his vindictive crusade? if you review the actual complaints you will see that he is writing all of his carefully orchestrated scheming on bank letterhead email, signed with his corporate title, and on company time…. and presumably any monies he claims to have funneled in the name of Club Cub went through his own BofA accounts… I definitely think his bosses should be notified of all of this drama, he is apparently representing Bank of America in these dealings.
    Also – how about letting us know how far back his involvement with this Rhonda from Project Halo goes? And is this the original Project Halo? or the bitter off-shoot Project Halo that was forced out? Jeff played her like a fiddle. I hope all her tax records are in order as the spotlight of inquiry will be sure to shine that way as well.
    Dustin & Rex are obviously not blameless in this whole story, but I know them – at worst they are guilty of boot strapping a start up company without the resources or knowledge to do everything perfectly, and maybe they will owe some taxes or a donation, whatever. They were never trying to defraud anyone. These men are not criminals. Just horny. “Penises before Profits” is probably a good summation of the general business plan from what I can see.
    As a long time member of the Bear community, I am ashamed to say that collectively we have become everything it was supposed to be a response against! Popularity contests and clique-ish-ness, Body Beautiful and Pageants, petty jealousies and power politics. It’s so sad.
    Yes – Club Cub was dumb not to change their designated charity after obviously having probems based on that relationship in 2009; but it was a bear run they were selling – the attendees went to spend the weekend covorting with the bears – no one even knew about any charity, it was not a featured component, just the standard gay-event “donate the left overs” disclaimer. And the month after the event apparently they are…and it wasn’t much, because even though the gays are quick to complain about the hotel or the service or the amenities – they sure aren’t willing to pay for better. oh yes, i did say it – Charlotte is Cheap! and Bitchy!
    And still has a big chip on it’s shoulder.

    Congrats – in the span of one year this segment of our community has seen the failure of The Eagle; the expulsion of Charlotte’s representatives on the Carolina Bear Lodge board, and now this controversy, to name just a few. Ask yourself if you were at the center of one or more of those upheavals – if the answer is yes, then how about you shut the fuck up for a year, and let some others try to do better because you SUCK!

  38. Jeff Enoch, If you were soliciting funds and depositing them into a separate bank account as you have said you were doing, why don’t you put an end to all of this and publish the bank statements. Publish a copy of the checks where money was turned over to the organizers and be done with it.

    You work for the bank for God’s sake, I’m sure that you can’t claim you don’t have the statements any more or some bull like that. Get them from the bank and publish them.

    That is if this mysterious separate account ever existed.

    Let’s put an end to this entire thing – publish the proof.

  39. If anyone has questions about my documents, please contact me directly. I will not publish account information in public form.

  40. Keeping it real.
    Number one. There is absolutly no complaint sent anywhere by me at all. The complaint came from Project Halo and was not sent by me. Second, there is no Bank Letterhead email. That just does not exsist. If I send a couple emails from my work PC, that does not include my work in this action based on my title. Third. Rex and Dustin agreed on using the second bank account as much as I did, and had access to withdraw at anytime, and forth, my boss has known about this for weeks and has supported me 100% since she too has seen my records.
    And one more thing, Rhonda and I have worked together for a couple of years. I have not had a chance to speak to her between both events until recently. So we have worked on no scheme. I hope I have answered your concerns, and once again would like for anyone to contact me directly as I have absolutly nothing to hide. This issue is not about me at all and is just misdirection.

  41. I posted what I thought was my final statement on 9/20 hoping to end all of this. Evidentally, that wasn’t good enough. I am now recanting every word I said.
    I had an interesting meeting with Dustin Slate yesterday. He wants me to issue a statement apologizing for the “harm” done to Club Cub. Are you freaking kidding me?! Dustin, this is my response to the statement that I signed yesterday where I promised I would contact you on 9/23/10. If you and Rex are going to use this forum to spew your lies and pathetically try to defend yourself then so will I. Dustin, I actually felt sorry for you. I thought you might be the victim but that’s no longer the case. You were obviously well coached yesterday but I’m no dumbass. The $100 check you left on my table is still there and will not be cashed. I’m not attending your Pity Party ever again. Everything from here on out will done through the attorneys and/or the court system. You and Rex will have no further contact with me regarding this issue. I have already wasted too much time listening to your excuses and poorly executed and edited documentation.

    Let me try and set the record straight once and for all. Jeff Enochs contacted me in Aug simply asking if I had received a donation from Club Cub. This is the first time I had heard from him in over a year. Of course, I had no idea they had a party much less listed Project HALO as the beneficiary. This same thing occurred in 09. I received No Money from Club Cub in 09. When I emailed Rex in regards to this year’s party he responded that they were on the road and would be finalizing their accounting and that I should receive a check sometime in mid September. I then received a voicemail from Rex stating that he had seen thru the internet that Project HALO was associating themselves with the rugby team and since that was the case he would be sending me a “token donation” and would be sending the remainder of the funds set aside to a different charity. THAT is when I made the decision to not wait till mid September and I contacted my atty. I was advised that based on my documentation that there appeared to be fraud, misrepresentation, trademark infringement, etc… I filed my complaint with the Secretary of State. I contacted the news media. And trust me, those won’t be the last agencies that will be notified. So Rex and Dustin, you want to play hard ball? Bring it on!

    And in regards to the “bitter off-shoot Project HALO”. What the hell is that? I founded Project HALO 13 years ago. I actually PAY a CPA to handle my accounting. I actually PAY the State of North Carolina each year for a charitable solicitation license and Project HALO actually IS a 501c3 non profit. Project HALO’s tax returns are public record so help yourself.

  42. So why is this story still up? At this point all it is doing is damaging everyone mentioned and dragging in people who weren’t even involved. For those that were thinking of moving here and read this Id like to say…..”Welcome to Charlotte!” No reason to sugarcoat it. This shows the true colors of our community. Rather than taking the high road we turn on one another, we point fingers, we bring in innocent people and organizations. Ive lived here 12 years and used to be very active in the community. There is a reason I am no longer involved. I understand that most lead boring lives and this is a great gossip piece, but Im betting we all have better things to do in our spare time.

  43. do you not think that maybe the story is still up because — oh yeah that’s right is a NEWS story! And, golly it must still be relevant because people sure do keep commenting… 95 comments now. That’s a lot. News stories just don’t disappera because people don’t like them, and if the parites who created the news didn’t want it to be news they should have kept their mouths shut and not filed a complaint with the state govenrment.

  44. Keepin it Real:

    The CBL is out of control. The expulsion of Charlotte’s representatives is just the tip of the iceberg there. I know of at least three cities who have enough burned bears living in them–all of whom are discussing the idea of forming smaller clubs outside of Rob Gauthier’s and the CBL’s grasp. It’s too big and its leadership is too cliquey and A-bearish. Rob loves to talk about inclusion, but he spends more time excluding anyone who he disagrees with. In that case, it’s not a Charlotte thing but a CBL thing. The only way to fix it is to vote the old board off and start fresh.

  45. Thank you Project Halo for being honest about your dealings. I think it has brought an outpouring from the community and that was evident from the last donation drive at Sidelines. Jeff I am thankful that you kept all the receipts and informed your boss about what has been going on, so if there is any finger pointing it can be defended. Dustin and Rex I hope that you also have all your information together so that, if this was truly a misunderstanding that you can show the community that it was. It is unfortunate that this has happened, but it needs to be resolved. If wrong doings are found, then those people need to find a way to make amends to the community.

  46. Obviously struck some nerves there huh? Pathetic!
    Is anyone really reading what these people are writing? Look at Raging Rhonda’s response – can you imagine the nerve of any non-profit turning up their nose at your $100 check? She’s intimidating and threatening to get more money – that’s called EXTORTION! Look at the history of Project Halo people – she is not the sole “founder” – she’s been embroiled in controversy before to the point of splitting the organization. Imagine her calling or emailing you becaue you didn’t donate what she thought you should. Pretty scary. She’s calling her attorney, and filing state complaints over what? What the hell does she think she’s going to get from two guys making tee-shirts in their apartment for god’s sake? The satisfaction of ruining their lives? Bravo Raging Rhonda!
    People – Read the documentation and emails that are part of the state complaint. It clearly shows Jeff Enochs posturing and leading Rhonda to these mistaken conclusions, and doing it on the Bank of America email system, with his corporate signature as if representing the bank. If your boss truly knows and is supporting this behavior I’ll bet her boss doesn’t, and right up the chain of command. It is one of the first tenets of the business world – do not use corporate “letterhead” (email, phones, copy machines, etc.) for your personal projects exactly because of situations like this and how it’s perceived. You’re actually going to try to side step that issue while your cronies are emailing unsubstantiated rumor and vicious gossipy character assasinations all over the country to Rex & Dustin’s business contacts? and you don’t think you deserve the same? Bank of America is going to be doing damage control on this soon.
    Club Cub is not a fundraiser for Project Halo, or any other charity – it is a social networking event which announced it’s intention to donate some portion of final profits to Project Halo in this case (actually 2 cases – the 2009 & 2010 Club Cub events), the same as many bar nights, drag shows, club events, etc. in our community.
    Ask yourselves why Club Cub ever got involved with Halo? It’s not even a gay organization. Because of the connection, initially amicable, with Jeff Enochs. Rex & Dustin didn’t even know what Project Halo was – As soon as it was evident that Jeff was perceived to be funneling money through his private accounts, soliciting money in unauthorized ways, for unauthorized uses, he was thrown out of the group…in 2009! All of this is the vindictive retaliation aftermath of his endless ego.
    By the way – Jeff continues his association with Rhonda and Project Halo even today, through his association with the Gay Rugby Team. Is that going to be the next target? next fiscal year is Rhonda going to decide that she didn’t get enough out of the Rugby Team? that they “promised” her more? and go after them?
    Charlotte – Tell Raging Rhonda to take the $100, say thank you, and shut the F up!
    Rugby Team – Tell Jeff “Endless Ego” Enochs to sever the ties with Project Halo before you all end up being the brunt of this extortion machine!

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