Tolerance at NCSU

In response to our article on N.C. State University’s Free Expression Tunnel (, a reader says:
The younger generation is much more tolerant of our community and I applaud them for that. However, we CANNOT mistake this tolerance for universal acceptance. Incidents like the outing of the ROTC student at NSCU by his peers and others recently reported in the media cannot and should not be ignored or brushed off as “isolated.”
— Rita, web, Oct. 31

Honoring the closet?

In response to our Oct. 31 interview with actress Kelly McGillis (, a reader says:
Why do we honor these types.. they stay in the closet for year to protect thier hollywood careers, always dening who they truly are,then when they finally come out we welcome they wil open arms… We never fully question why they decided to come out so late in life… I have to wonder will we do the same for one person whom is to believe to be gay but in the closet,, whom have sue folk for even mention that he might be gay… of course we would welcome him, thats who we are…however this is getting very tiring that these older actor/ess coming out at the near end of their careers in hope to gain some spotlight attention.
— Why Why, web, Nov. 1

Election 2010

In response to our election coverage this year (, readers say:
You are a bunch of left wing nut jobs. I believe your utopia exists in North Korea.
— Time, web, Oct. 30

The NC Republicans would be fools to attempt anti-gay governance. It’s already the law in NC for marriage to be only a man-woman thing, and something like a pointless, wasteful constitutional amendment would not only put our state in a very unfortunate light, it should easily cause them to lose come 2012 for acting like a bunch of jerks.
— Asher, web, Nov. 3