In response to our interview with new Lesbian & Gay Community Center of Charlotte Board of Trustee Chair John Stotler (, readers say:

Congratulations to John Stotler and the other members of the Board. You do not have an easy task ahead of you in regaining trust and rebuilding the Center into the vibrant heart of the LGBT community it has been and should be.

I am hopeful that the change in leadership at the Center will truly lead to a change in atmosphere. For the last couple of years, the Center gave the impression of being a clique in which you had to be a member in good standing. Ruffle feathers and you were gone. This was not lost on the LGBT community and it seemed as though the only time effort was made to include the ENTIRE community was Pride.

Also, the flagrant lack of transparency with regard to its operations, finances and the actions of the Board served to further push away the very LGBT community it is supposed to serve. Until there is disclosure as to finances, ALL finances, I will not contribute any money and have heard this from several members of the community.

One other suggestion for the new Board: Would it be too much to ask for some sort of actual and visable signage indicating the location of the Center? That small, sad flag is far from adequate. Many people attending Pride were able to find the festival but unable to find the actual Center. Perhaps this would lead to an increase in attendance at events and overall support. Why have you been hiding?
— Rita, Nov. 14, web

I feel the same as Rita’s comments to this article. Congratulations John, I feel you will do a great job. I think the change in leadership and weeding out some of the board members is the best thing that could have happened for the survival of the LGBT center. Like Rita said you had to belong to a band of brothers to even be acknowledged. I myself stopped attending the round table meetings because it was about the 2 previous persons running it. Now that Teresa Davis is running the round table sessions I will return, I feel she is a dedicated and fair person. It was sad to see the center crumble after so many strived over the years to build it up to something that we could be proud of. . Also I would like to see an annual report. As a 501-c3 an annual report should be available to anyone who wants to see it.
— Janice Covington, Nov. 14, web

Hi Rita and Janice… and others….

We are always looking for feedback and ideas. We would love to have a program/event/meeting/etc at The Center every day and night. Please email The Center and those will get passed to the appropriate board member or committee to discuss.

As for signage, we are working with the NC Music Factory on that. We will have limitations based on their structure and policies as well as agreements they have with the city about signage.

And relative to financial disclosure, a 2010 Annual Report will be coming after the end of the year with details about all of The Center’s activities this year.
— John Stotler, Nov. 19, web