Season’s Greetings, kiddies — hope everyone is managing to stay warm somehow! Our common interest brings us back once again as we chit-chat about contests and the queens who do them!

This time, our promo is of a dear friend who is the reigning Miss Continental, Mokha Montrese. I’ve known her for years and am quite fond of her. She was also Miss National as she went into her reign. Mokha’s off to her home of New Orleans as I write this; she hasn’t been back there in years. I’m still trying to get her a tour lined up through the Carolinas. Can you tell I like her?

So much to report on this time — let’s dive in as I always say! The Miss Queen City NC U.S.ofA. that I’d mentioned previously was won by Dy’Mond Cartier and her runner-up was Jessica Spaulding Deveraux. The new Miss NC Unlimited is Cheetah V. Shaw (she won Talent, Sportswear and Interview). Her RUs were Mo’Nique Chanel and Victoria Victors, who won Gown. The 18th Miss Cosmopolitan NC U.S.ofA., which took place a while back, went to Jayda Cline. On hand to perform that night at Club Babylon in Salisbury were Victoria Parker, Big Shirli, Tasha Michaels (saywhat?!), Eureka O’Hara and London Dior who was relinquishing her crown that night.

Speaking of London, she and her partner Charlie recently had their Carolina Southern Elegance and At Large contests also at Babylon. She crowned Aiesha Paris, with RU going to Lindsay Starr of Raleigh. Amaya was on-hand to crown the new At Large queen, Dy’Mond Cartier with RU Sierra Leone.

Miss TransCarolina Southeast was recently held at Warehouse 29 in Greensboro and one of my favorites, Eden Parque Divine, won. Her RU was Marina LaFeverz. Tia Chanella was named Transgender of the Year as well.

I had the chance to judge Miss East Coast U.S.ofA. recently at Scorpio. I can’t thank Tiffany Storm enough for having me and for the kind bio she came up with off the top of her head, as well as the birthday wishes. It was great to see the reigning Miss U.S.ofA., Dominique Sanchez (who is also a former Miss Gay America), get to visit with two former competitors from the America days — Shae Shae LaReese, who judged and entertained, and Kerri Nichols, MGA ‘96. Aiesha Paris won this contest and her RU was Jessica Raynes Starr. Essence Iman relinquished the title, complete with a Dreamgirls production including Malaysia Black, Detra Panucci, Onterio Roberts and Jazmun Tomas’ alter ego. Also in the show that night was Brandi Andrews. Dominique had just been to Miss Oklahoma U.S.ofA. and she tells me a gorgeous Lindsay Paige won. Adrianna was her first alternate. Thanks to Poochie Pinetops, a fellow judge that evening, for a birthday dinner a few nights early. It was good to see Shae Shae LaReese again, who had just won Miss TX All-American Goddess a few nights before. Her RU was Xacora Martinez.

I’m told Scarlett Dailey just recently celebrated her 30th anniversary in show business with a special show at Legends that included Purina Chow, Tasha Michaels, Miss America Coti Collins and Ebony Summers. Hats off to Skillet, probably one of the proudest former Misses NC America ever!

Make sure to catch (my dentist) Stuart Williams’ production of the musical comedy “Pageant” at Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte, here on Stonewall, on the weekends between Jan. 6-22. Tickets are $25 and there is one “Pay What You Can” night. I saw this show in NYC years ago and it is hilarious! The creator of our own Roxy C. Moorecox has the role of Miss West Coast. Break a leg, gal! There’s a rumor that Miss Della will be showing up to judge one night — could it be that the bitch is back after being incognito since April of 2009? Say it ain’t so!

Last, but not least, I just had the pleasure of judging the Mr. Babylon MI and Miss Baylon pageant over in Salisbury. Congrats are in order for Malayia Chanel Iman who won the Miss with RU London Dior. I have completely forgotten the child’s name who won the MI contest, but catch me the next time and we’ll make it right. In the show that evening, we had Cinnamen, T-Love, Brianna Davis, Devonte Jackson, Taylor Knight-Addams and the ever-lovely Jamie Monroe. I wish I had the room to tell you about the dinner I had with fellow judge and NC U.S.ofA. promoter Teresa Bryant that night at Ric’s Barbecue on Main St. — karaoke and all. Wow is a word that immediately comes to mind, right behind deliverance.

Next time, I’ll have more details about the Catwalk Boutique that Miss SC Pride Jessica Raye is operating in Myrtle Beach specifically for the TS/TG/CD community.

In closing, I dedicate this column to Jackie Taylor of Charlotte who used to work at Warehouse 29 in Greensboro and other clubs in NC. She and Miss Kerri and I used to tear it up as Kerri prepared to go to Miss America back in the day. This child will be sorely missed. : :

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