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From farm to fork: Five ways to eat local throughout the year

Eating locally-grown food has personal, community benefits

Fall is a great time for enthusiasts of fresh and local food. Farmers’ markets are overflowing with tasty produce at harvest time, and if you’ve worked long and hard on your home garden, it’s time to reap the rewards. Fresh food is harder to come by once the last leaves fall and the frost sets in, but there are still a number of ways you can keep your commitment to eating locally alive year-round.

Keep fitness off your New Year’s resolution list

Three tips to avoid starting a fitness program and instead start living a more healthy life

You’ve vowed to get fit with the start of each New Year. This year don’t. Why not? First, because resolutions don’t work. Second, because fitness isn’t something you start, it’s something you live. Stop starting. Start living.

A year in review: Top online searches from 2011 shares its 2011 web search trends

Memories are monumental in shaping history. And, just as a journal holds your thoughts, memories and interests from years past, online searches can mark the people, places and events that mattered most in a given year. So, what mattered most in 2011?

Chic holiday entertaining for less

Tips and tricks to make any holiday party a blast

A beautiful holiday table can be the centerpiece of any celebration. However, many hosts and hostesses are discouraged by the idea and potential cost of fancy linens, expensive serving ware and a perfect centerpiece.

Which tablet is right for you?

Gift Guide 2011

Tablets are among the hottest tech gadgets and holiday gifts on the market today and with loads of multimedia functionality and on-the-go portability, many of us are looking to tablets to complement our laptop or desktop PCs.

Impress your guests with holiday etiquette 101

Gift Guide 2011: Greensboro’s Replacements, Ltd., etiquette expert shares tips

You’ve spent the entire day in the kitchen cooking the perfect holiday meal. But it’s an hour before your guests arrive and you find yourself standing in front of the table listening to that little nagging voice inside your head. Do the water glasses go to the right or left? What side does the knife …

Enjoying the fall garden’s bountiful harvest

Local markets provide key ingredients from the fields

When the calendar turns to fall months, temperatures drop and local football teams come to mind. With the approach of the cooler weather, many of us also begin to yearn for the warmth of comfort foods like hearty soups and stews or freshly baked pies, but these traditional favorites need not be boring and unhealthy. A modern take on comfort foods uses what is fresh and available during the season, but also explores new ingredients and stretches your imagination to look at old ingredients or recipes in new ways.

Fun activities to enjoy in the cool fall months

Celebrate the autumn outdoors and cook up a storm

The fall brings beautiful new scents and sounds with crisp air, vibrant colors of leaves gently falling to the ground, crackling wood popping on campfires and the sweet smell of apples hovering in the kitchen.

There are more benefits to calcium than women might think

That splash of milk in your coffee just isn’t enough for a healthy diet

Eighty percent of women don’t get enough calcium from food alone, according to a recent study conducted by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. That means women’s bodies are stealing calcium from their bones.