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Add some Hawaiian fun to your summer

Carolina Living Summer 2011

With summer approaching quickly, you’re probably dreaming about all the fun you’ll have gathering with friends and family. Why not spice things up by adding a little island culture to your plans?

Attaining the perfect patio in 48 hours

Dwellings 2011: Spring Gardening, Home Decorating, Real Estate

Spring is a time of renewal with flowers and trees blooming, grass greening and warmer temperatures bringing us back to the outdoors. But before you can begin to truly enjoy the fresh air, there are many updates needed to help your patio areas recover from the harsh effects of old man winter.

How choosing you benefits everyone

New Year, New You: Physical fitness

Can putting yourself first be considered an unselfish decision? When it comes to your health, the answer is yes. By putting your health first, you’re not only staying well for you, but also for your loved ones.

How to bring the outside in when the weather cools

For many folks, connecting with nature has calming and invigorating effects. However, cold and short days make getting outside a little more difficult. If you find yourself coming down with a case of cabin fever every winter, try bringing the outside in and decorating your home in a way that will make you feel more connected with the outdoors in the comfort of your own living room.

Move over wine and cheese, a new party pairing is in town

With football time in full swing, and family and friends gathering to celebrate the season, the pressures to host this year’s best game-day or celebratory party can be stressful. Avoid a staid, run-of-the-mill celebration and try the new entertaining trend that is certain to add a taste adventure to your next get-together. Move over, wine and cheese … hello, beer and jerky.

Gift Guide 2010: Create unforgettable holiday memories around the dinner table

Greensboro's Replacements, Ltd., saves the day

The winter holidays mark Iris Poppell’s favorite time of year. Poppell spends long months looking forward to family and friends gathering around the dinner table reminiscing about times past and making new memories. More than anything, she looks forward to one of her most cherished family traditions: pulling out the special china she only uses during the holidays.

Six tips for 2010

Quick tips and insights on creating a better you, pet and world

Live more sustainably The beginning of a new year — and a new decade — is the time many people pledge to live differently. For many, that change means living a more sustainable lifestyle. Sustainability, once only a buzz word, is now fast becoming the way to live consciously. Two ways to live more sustainably …