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Fire up your grilling game with expert tips and specialty cheese

Your backyard grill is calling out for you as summer rolls into season

Every grilling season presents a new opportunity to add recipes and tricks to your routine. This year, kick up your cooking skills with advice from the ultimate grill master, Chef Michael Symon, co-host of ABC’s “The Chew,” and author of three best-selling cookbooks and owner of several restaurants.

2013 Year in Review: America’s top internet searches of 2013

Beyonce rules supreme as most-searched person

Looking back on 2013, billions of Internet searches from around the world reveal it was a year of American songs, superhero movies, social media love, high-end designer brands, controversial sports stars, European getaways and fierce women.

Holiday gifts for your foodie friends

Gifts for food-lovers guaranteed to leave taste buds dancing

Between the growing trends of boutique restaurants, creative home cooking and entire television networks dedicated to food, you probably know a few people who consider themselves “foodies.”

Flip-Flop FAQ

Tips to keep your feet happy in your favorite hot weather footwear

It’s easy to understand why we all love flip-flops: They’re cute and comfy, keep your feet cool in warm weather and are great for showing off that fab pedicure you just got.

How men can avoid five common skincare pitfalls

Dermatologist offers skincare advice to help save guys from irritation and discomfort

Let’s face it, skincare isn’t always a priority for most guys. However, the path to healthy, comfortable skin is not as difficult as one might think. For men with skin issues, relief is only a few simple steps away.

The health secrets women keep

The top five women’s health secrets

Secret bottles in the medicine cabinet? Frequent trips to the bathroom? Moodiness, fatigue or changes in social behavior? Everyone has secrets — that’s no surprise. But, whether little or big, secrets can make a real difference in quality of life.