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Daniel Stroupe – QNotes

Crisp English Style for Winter

Toasty warm with the sense of a cheery ol’ chap

Theater Charlotte is presenting “The Foreigner” from Jan. 25 – Feb. 10. The play revolves around a couple of Englishmen, Charlie Baker and Staff Sgt. Froggy LeSueur visiting a fishing lodge in Georgia. This comedy is full of intrigue as Charlie wants to just be left alone, so they feign that he does not know a word of English. He has to keep up the ruse as he hears the secrets and gossip of the local townsfolk in this classic comedy by Larry Shue.

Man’s ‘armor’ can be stylish and comfy

Tips for dressing your best from our fashion guru Dan Stroupe and local designer David Watkins

Suits are a man’s uniform and armor, a grand opportunity of expression, or a torture device killing you softly with every wear. Let’s be honest, the general majority of men hate wearing suits.

Easy Breezy: Summer Fashion

Stay cool and stay casual without sacrificing sexy style this summer and into early fall

Don’t let the heat of summer from keeping you from looking your best. Stylist Daniel Stroupe gives us options for dressing for success and staying cool without sacrificing style in these summer and early fall fashions.

Runway ignites with hot summer styles

FashionSOUL explodes with fashion, art and culture

Queen City summer fashion is heating up with the third annual FashionSOUL. Coordinated by Joey Hewell, this event was a fantastic mix of local fashion and talent at Amos’ SouthEnd on May 5 benefiting the Humane Society of Charlotte.

The Modern Man

Four spring looks in white, black and grey

The word “modern” is a little tricky. One could mean something that is new and cutting edge, or perhaps something that is indicative of a time.

‘Don we now our gay apparel’

Style, Fashion and the Everyman

Every morning — and on those afternoons before evenings out on the town — we dress ourselves and we make a presentation for the world to see. Shall this presentation be of style and grace or a “oh honey, no” sort of situation?