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Jason Yonce – QNotes

Bracing ourselves for a new Senate

Commentary: Predictions on the 2013 mid-terms

In the spirit of Internet memes, Democrats in the U.S. Senate should make their own: “Backs gay marriage…doesn’t run for re-election.”

Should Billy Graham’s legacy be rescued?

Commentary: Graham's recent foray into anti-gay politics has cast doubt on his seemingly compassionate history

Many have instead turned a skeptical eye toward Graham and his schmoozing with those in power. Some see him as completely forsaking his apolitical past for a new-found outspokenness against the LGBT community.

A year of change: North Carolina after Amendment One

A year-end review state politics, Amendment One and the future of gay marriage in North Carolina

Amendment One passed with the blessing of about 1.3 million North Carolina voters on the day of the Republican primary. Those numbers constitute about 19.5 percent of our registered voters and 13 percent when you adjust for the entire population registered or unregistered. At every level of the ratification process Amendment One was a poor example of how representative democracy should operate.

Gay rights and the attacks on representative democracy

George McGovern stood steadfastly ahead of his time

Last week former Democratic presidential candidate, George McGovern, passed away at age 90. If he was at all cognizant during the Democratic National Convention this year he would have seen a convention somewhat reminiscent of his own in 1972.

The Southern Gospel Closet

Writer explores gay singers and fans among the South's iconic Gospel scene

There was a time, and it was in my own lifetime, that Southern Gospel music was a form of gay escapism and that is worth remembering, if for nothing else, for its bewildering irony.

Waiting for death

Commentary: An uncomfortable mix of satisfaction and mourning as LGBT opponents age and pass away

Whether we’re honest with ourselves about it or not many of us have found ourselves waiting for an older, more anti-LGBT generation to die.

At Pride, you can’t fight hate with hate

Commentary: NC Pride attendee recounts his recent experience with anti-gay protesters

Guest commentator Jason Yonce had the chance to visit the NC Pride Fest and Parade in Durham and offers his thoughts after interacting with a variety of anti-gay protesters.