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Jeff Hammerberg – QNotes

Staging secrets

Make your home irresistible during showings

Selling your home is a process, and one vital part of that is making the home look warm, cozy and inviting. If you’re going to continue living in the home while it’s up for sale, one important part of the selling process is what’s known as staging. Many sellers think of staging as simply cleaning up their home and making sure it always looks nice for potential buyers, but it’s much more than that. Listings that are properly staged will be much more appealing to buyers and are more likely to receive serious bids.

How to increase your home’s value before you list it

Ways to maximize your sale going in

Everyone wants to sell their home for more money than they bought it for, but that’s not always easy. In some cases, your property value may actually decrease after you buy your home due to the value of the properties around you decreasing. Since you have no control over that, you have to look at what you do have control over: the state of your own house. If you make your house a wonderful, inviting home that potential buyers can imagine themselves settling down in, you’re likely to get your asking price and perhaps a bit more.

Don’t be wowed

Little details to look for in a potential home

When you walk into what turns out to be your dream home, you’re blown away. It might be the color scheme or the vaulted ceilings or the massive fireplace that does it, but you’re going to notice something right away that really wows you. Every room after that will make you more and more excited. You might be ready to make an offer after only seeing a few rooms! But wait!

Six secrets to buying real estate in the off season

Don’t let bad market keep you back

As summer comes to a close and kids go back to school, the home buying season typically winds down before heading into hibernation mode during the dead of winter. That makes it one of the best times of the year to go shopping for a home, because with fewer buyers on the prowl is it …

Mortgage crisis failed industry

Real estate crisis a concern for home owners, buyers

The current real estate crisis was precipitated by problems in the mortgage industry closely related to reckless Wall Street players. In other words, the tail has been wagging the dog and that is never a good sign. But as lenders adopt smarter policies to distance themselves from mavericks and unnecessary risk, it will be good …

Tips for maintaining your home while on vacation

Taking a vacation at the end of the peak summer traveling season might be cheaper and easier, but returning from your trip to go back to work, catch up on a backlog of projects and open a stack of bills that accumulated during a blissful absence will still be tough. Some things — especially the …