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Jim Yarbrough – QNotes

Fat … fab or not?

From the Publisher/Managing Editor

First and foremost, I need to say that qnotes appreciates all of our columnists. We have a lot of great people that contribute to this newspaper. With that said, we don’t always agree with their views or the subject of their column. It even states that in our masthead on page three of each issue.

Welcome to a refreshed qnotes


I am proud today to present to you a redesigned print edition of qnotes. It is my hope that this new, refreshed design will bring you more enjoyment as you flip through each of our biweekly print editions.

New campaign supports trans community

Spearheaded by The Freedom Center for Social Justice

In the light of passage and implementation of North Carolina’s House Bill 2 (HB2), there have been a number of organizations, programs and campaigns started in support of transgender people or to fight for the repeal of HB2.

30th Anniversary retrospective

Staff Commentary

Thirty (30) years. I can t believe it! I will never forget the two-story brick house at 2322 E. 7th St. in Charlotte. This office space housed Grassroots Leadership. Queen City Quordinators (QCQ) met there at least once a month.

Give and you will prosper

Letter from the Publisher

According to a public radio report I heard recently, the annual World Giving Index says the people of the U.S. give more to charity than any other nation in the world. That is wonderful. I don’t remember the numbers.

25 years and not done yet

Letter from the publisher

For 25 years now, QNotes has reported to and about the LGBT community — the good news and the bad news and sad news. There have been many joys and many tears. We have reported the passing of our own staff, our friends and colleagues — many from HIV/AIDS — and we have reported many celebrations. Things like Lawrence v. Texas, Pride events, buildings bought, community centers organized, people who received awards for jobs well done, for dollars raised and social and educational events.