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Lawrence Ferber – QNotes

Mommy Dearest

Q&A with Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique, executive producer of gay-themed “Blackbird”

Oscar-winning actress and comedienne Mo’Nique throws the word “baby” around a lot — as a term of affection, for comedic effect and when discussing motherhood of her own children and onscreen spawn.

In Sickness And In Health

Gay filmmaking couple behind Oscar nom ‘Still Alice’

Partners in life and filmmaking, Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland may have helped bestow Julianne Moore with her first Oscar this winter — or at the very least, another nomination.

Centers serve as rock-solid resource

Although diverse, each brings stability to communities they serve

Across the Carolinas, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals constantly search for options for support and socializing. Some enjoy the bar scene, while others would prefer gathering together to do social action projects. But, the one consistent theme that they all share is a need for connecting with like-minded people. Many of the smaller towns …

The Hole Story

Indie film legend John Cameron Mitchell snags his first Hollywood feature directing gig with Nicole Kidman

In “Rabbit Hole,” a little boy’s death tears his parents’ lives apart. Actor-turned-filmmaker John Cameron Mitchell (“Shortbus,” “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”) connected deeply with the material — adapted by David Lindsay-Abaire from his own Pulitzer Prize-winning play — and won over star/producer Nicole Kidman, snagging his first high-profile, Hollywood feature directing gig.

Don’t mind doing it for the kids

Anticipated 'Kids Are All Right' to screen in Charlotte, Raleigh

To prepare Julianne Moore for her role as a lesbian parent in “The Kids Are All Right,” out director/co-writer Lisa Cholodenko gave her some critical materials to study: gay porn. “Yeah!” Moore laughs, discussing the film in Manhattan’s Waldorf Astoria hotel in late June 2010. To explain: Moore and Annette Bening play Jules and Nic, …

The closeted halls of power

New doc explores closeted, outed politicians, movers and shakers

Washington, D.C., house contractors must be used to building closets large and deep, judging from the controversial new documentary, “Outrage.” A scathing indictment of closeted gay politicians who vote against or demonize the LGBT community (Sen. Larry Craig, RNC field director Dan Gurley, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist), thoughtful investigation of the whys behind this closet …

The Real Girl

Close-up with the first-ever trans housemate on MTV's 'Real World'

Since its debut in 1992, MTV’s The Real World has illuminated televisions nationwide with fresh images of diverse, non-stereotypical and real queer young people including its first season’s Norman Korpi (NYC), HIV-positive Cuban Pedro Zamora (San Francisco), bisexual Filipina Ruthie Alcaide (Hawaii), African-American Karamo Brown (Philadelphia) and athlete Tyler Duckworth (Key West). With its 21st …

Cream of the Crop: Making ‘Milk’

Landmark film on gay icon Harvey Milk debuts Dec. 12 in N.C.; Dec. 19 in S.C.

If you’re closeted to anybody in your life, Harvey Milk wouldn’t just want you to come out and see the new biopic about him — he’d want you to see the film and then come out. In 1977, 47-year-old Woodmere, NY-born Harvey Milk became the nation’s first openly gay man to be elected to major …