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Mikey Rox – QNotes

Your Complete Guide to Social Distancing and Self-Isolating

The Super Gay Way

As protocol for social distancing and self-isolation tightens around the country per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and White House recommendations amid mounting coronavirus cases, follow this guide to staying occupied in a very gay way.

Heart On

A Valentine’s Gift Guide for LGBTQ Lovers

Show the love for your someone special with these affordable gifts that go straight for the feels.

Booty and the beach: Swimwear to accentuate your assets

Summer Fashion: Shake what your mama gave you in a kaleidoscope of prints and patterns prepped to get soaking wet

Step onto any gay beach — from Miami’s Haulover to Asbury Park’s 5th Ave. to Will Rogers Beach in Los Angeles — and you’ll bear witness to a veritable catwalk of loosey-goosey board shorts, fitted trunks and skintight Speedo-like swimwear. While anything goes on the summer’s sandy shores — especially if the area is clothing optional (better pack those dark lenses!) — this year’s styles continue last year’s thighs-the-limit trend with a twist: button-closure shorts with waist-specific sizing. Here we cultivate some of the more stimulating designs for 2017 with a smattering of tradition tossed in for good measure.

Ultimate Guide to Gay Gift Giving 2016

Fun things for that special someone

Racking your brain this season on what to get the Gay who has everything? Consider these handpicked holiday gift ideas perfect for LGBTQ techies, music lovers, gym bunnies, and more.

Camo Chameleon

Be set to stand out this season

Military fatigues and apparel are all the rage for the fall season and readers can be part of the “in crowd” with an assortment of options to look sharp and drill ready.

Ultimate Guide to Gay Gift Giving

Nov. 28 Print Exclusive

Be sure to pick up the Nov. 28 print issue for Mikey Rox’s Ultimate Guide to Gay Gift Giving, including some of the hottest gay gifts this holiday season. We’re distributed at hundreds of restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, bars and clubs, non-profit groups and other venues across the Carolinas.