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Miss Della – QNotes

Defining the diva

Drag queen or female impersonator?

In the drag community, impersonating a female is understood when you go out in drag, and female impersonator is a lovely term to dress it up or help someone understand what is being done/accomplished. But I say, call a spade a spade, and just use the term “drag queen.”

Pageant system resources

Kind of a Drag: Something for everyone’s aspirations

Drag pageants are a cornucopia of individuals who showcase their talent, grace, charm and more across America. Here is a comprehensive list of systems.

Special Report: In Memoriam

Drag Rag

Last month dealt a massive blow to the national female impersonation community. We lost two wildly popular, award-winning queens and just plain, good people apart from all the accolades and fame.

Let’s make 2013 ‘legendary!’

Drag Rag

Greetings, my dear readers and the happiest of new years! I hope you all had good holidays and are ready to make 2013 legendary. I, for one, am looking at doing some things differently myself now that I am a year older and I lost my dear, sweet Mother in December as many of you may know. I thank all those who called, sent texts and sent beautiful flowers and cards. Your kindness will not be soon forgotten. It makes one think about life in new ways, for sure.

It’s the season for ‘we’ and not ‘me’

Drag Rag

Season’s greetings, kids! Here we are with Thanksgiving and Hanukkah behind us and Christmas and Kwanzaa and the New Year coming at us fast. And. never forget to add in Miss Della’s birthday in there, too. My older (never old) ass was 46 on the 18th. Oh boy, what trouble was I able to find to welcome another year? Let’s see!

It’s tea time at the pageant scene!

Drag Rag

As I sit down to write another tardy Drag Rag, it occurs to me, as it does every once in a while, that I have not rounded up much tea this time. It seems the pageantry calendar is dry about this time, with the exception of a few tidbits. Pageant enthusiasts notice this every once in a while and it seems like it happens before and after the holidays. Don’t ask me why!

Passing the crown down

Drag Rag

Well, kids, you know the drill — we’ve been doing this for a long time and we’re here to chat about pageants and the queens who win them. And, those who almost win them, too, I guess.

Pageants are pouring in from everywhere! Where’s my cup?

Drag Rag

My dear readers, we gather once more, as we have for 16 years now, to get updates on pageantry tea and such. It has been a busy time since the last one, for sure. I hope you all noticed or know that the last Rag was so blessed long that it appeared online only — and not in print.