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Nick de la Canal – QNotes

Leading Ladies ‘Let’s hear it for the girls…’

Queer and queer-friendly women who make a difference in the Carolinas

Queer women have plenty of reasons to celebrate this year. A recent report published by the United Nations found that across the globe, there are more girls enrolling in school, more women holding jobs and more women getting elected and assuming leadership positions than ever before in recorded history.

The Island of Misfit Boys

How to tour Key West, FL as 20-something gay man

My first impression of Key West, Fla., was the wild cock. Literally, cocks and chickens run wild through this tiny, historic island town, situated in the heart of the Florida Keys. It was the first sight I saw after leaving the tiny airport, about the size of a two-story motel, and catching a ride with my guide for the week: a jolly, mustachioed queen named Chris.

Self-made women

Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hysterical, Queen City Theatre Company stages Harvey Fierstein’s ‘Casa Valentina’

“Casa Valentina” begins with a darkened stage. A light fades up, revealing a posh vanity and a large man seated behind it, carefully applying lipstick and rouge. He turns on the radio, and a poppy tune from the 1960s innocently floats out of the receiver.

‘Witches Night Off’

Tour company members to perform a one-night only charity cabaret

Sure, it looks fun from out here, but life inside the national tour of “Wicked” can be grueling. The company performs eight shows a week, Tuesday through Friday, nearly 52 weeks a year. Typically, cast members receive only one night off a week to rest: Monday.

Our People: Q&A with Rabbi Judy Schindler

Retiring senior rabbi at Temple Beth El

When Rabbi Judy Schindler first arrived at Charlotte, N.C.’s Temple Beth El in 1998, she was mostly known through her father, Alexander Schindler. He had fled the Nazis as a boy in 1937 and later grew up to be a prominent American rabbi who made a number of sweeping changes to Reform Judaism in the 1970s and 1980s.