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Help pets beat the summer heat

National animal protection society provides tips allowing you and your pet to safely enjoy summertime fun

Most pet owners love their animals so much they want to take them everywhere and summer is a great time to frolic together in the backyard or to hit the road for a fun vacation.

Get your kids excited about the Fall election

Innovative ideas to engage your youth

When kids head back to school this year, there will be a special buzz in the air — the election of the 44th president of the United States. An election year is the perfect opportunity for parents and teachers to engage kids in meaningful conversations about everything from how we elect our nation’s leaders to …

Home-spun spa fun

Give yourself the pampered spa treatment at home

Everybody loves the pampering we get at the spa or salon, but those special luxuries can hit your pocketbook hard. These days there are many reasonably-priced ways to indulge yourself with relaxing treatments normally found at top day spas and salons. Here are some great ideas to treat yourself to some luxurious pampering at home …

Get ship-shape in time for summer

How to lose weight and keep it off

Losing weight seems to be everybody’s goal. We all want to look better, feel healthier and ward off illness. However, for most people losing weight is a huge struggle and keeping it off is an even bigger problem. Research shows that almost 95 percent of repeat dieters fail and ultimately regain any weight they initially …

Queer as a three dollar bill

Managing money as a couple doesn’t have to be hard

It’s at the top of the list of things about which couples fight. Matters certainly aren’t made better when considering gay and lesbian couples face even more challenges. Indeed, finding a system for managing money that works for both individuals can help couples achieve both financial and personal harmony, no matter the financial and legal …

Ankle injuries most common ailment

Ankle injuries most common ailment

As the weather warms, amateur Michael Jordans, Alex Rodriguezes and Maria Sharapovas hit the courts, fields and driveways nationwide, with sunny days beckoning them to get out and play. But as the weather ushers in such sports as basketball, baseball, tennis and soccer, it brings with it ankle sprain season for both professionals and weekend …

Fab travel, without the cost

Ways to save when traveling in today's economy

The cost to go on vacation seems to be doing nothing but rising these days. Set against a landscape of rising oil prices and the weakened state of the American dollar, travelers all too frequently have to reach for their already burdened wallets. “While it’s true that many people are concerned about the economy, we …

Give mom a stress-free Mother’s Day

Tips for to make the day one to remember

It’s a day for breakfast in bed, bouquets of flowers, special gifts and simply saying “thank you.” For all the work Mom does throughout the year she deserves to be pampered on Mother’s Day. So what do moms really want the most? A new survey of 2,920 moms, dads, sons and daughters reveals that gifts …