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Carolina House

Addressing eating disorders with a special outreach to the LGBTQ community

I wanted to focus on an enterprise that has a wonderful outreach to the LGBTQ community.

‘Power Breakfast’ with North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper

A look at the state’s diversity amidst discrimination

The Triangle Business Journal, the very widely-read and respected weekly business newspaper for the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area of North Carolina, holds a quarterly “Power Breakfast” featuring an area senior leader with a few hundred local business leaders. The Spring 2017 breakfast held April 6 featured the newly elected N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper. Gov. Cooper is quite unique, as he was the first challenger to defeat a sitting governor in our state since 1850.

More NC HB2 discussion: Two business perspectives

How the ‘bathroom bill’ is seen by a CEO and a student

As a quick refresher, North Carolina’s HB2 law, passed last spring, dictated that transgender people must use the restroom corresponding to the gender on their birth certificate in public facilities, and that municipalities may not pass legislation protecting its citizens from discrimination beyond that already described at the state level. The result has been a huge departure of convention, sporting and entertainment events, as well as potential major business expansion, from the state.