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Stanley Popovich – QNotes

Limiting Beliefs and How They Could be Holding You Back

Mental Health

The way we think has an enormous impact on the way we feel and behave, and we often have a set of limiting beliefs that play a role in our struggles. If you struggle with anxiety, you may be able to use techniques to limit beliefs and replace those ideas with healthy ones.

Dealing with Finances

Mental Health: How to Manage the Anxieties of Dealing with Your Finances

Many people get stressed out in managing their finances and investments. Here are some tips on how to manage the stresses and anxieties in taking care of your finances.

Ending Your Life Is Not The Answer

Mental Health: Seeking Help

You are at the end of your rope, and you can’t take it any much longer. You are in pain, and you are suffering and you feel there is no hope. The first thing that you need to do is to seek the services of a professional counselor.