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Steve Warren – QNotes

Tears and cheers for Pedro: The ‘Real’ reality

Feature film on HIV+ 'Real World' gay housemate Pedro airs Apr. 1

Dustin Lance Black has made me cry again. The Academy-Award-winning screenwriter of “Milk” takes on the life of another dead gay hero in “Pedro,” which premieres April 1 on Logo, MTV and associated networks. In 1994 Pedro Zamora put a face on the AIDS epidemic for Generation X the way Rock Hudson and others had …

‘Boys Briefs 5’: The ambiguously gay shorts collection

Out on DVD

It’s hypocritical of me to find fault with the six short films in “Boys Briefs 5: Schoolboys,” because I’m always complaining about movies being formulaic and predictable and my main complaint with most of these is that they aren’t formulaic and predictable. But I can’t take all the blame. Everything from the title to the …

‘Milk’ brings us hope, in a 2008 full of great films

The annual 10 best, 10 worst and everything in between

Online Extra It’s been three years since “Brokeback Mountain” and we’ve finally got another queer film, this one by a queer director, winning awards and connecting with mainstream audiences. I’m talking, of course, about Gus Van Sant’s “Milk,” the inspiring and empowering story of Harvey Milk, which ironically has a happy political ending in the …

‘Save Me’ — Our salvation from bad melodrama

The Big Screen

“Save Me” was filmed on location in the middle of a metaphorical minefield and escaped unscathed. You’ve never seen a better balancing act at the circus. With emotions running so hot on both sides there may not be a market for a fair and balanced (not in the Fox News sense) drama, even a good …

Babbit’s bungled boob job

Out on DVD: 'Itty Bitty Titty Committee'

How serious can a movie be with a title like “Itty Bitty Titty Committee?” Too serious, unfortunately; certainly more serious than we‘re expecting from Jamie Babbit, the lesbian director of “But I’m a Cheerleader.”? She’s still political but, with a script by Tina Mabry and Abigail Shafran, “Itty” is more like the strident feminist films …

Royal Paranoia

Out on DVD: Surveillance 24/7

Tom Harper and Sean Brenden Brosnan star in ‘Surveillance 24/7.’ A hot leading man and an intriguing premise make the gay paranoid thriller “Surveillance 24/7” watchable, but just barely. An inconsistent style and a script that contradicts itself make the British film more confusing than suspenseful. Tom Harper, a hottie in the Colin Farrell mold, …