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Tonyia Rawls – QNotes

The true Spirit of Christ is about more than things

Spiritual Reflections

When thinking of the holiday season, I remember the weeks and days leading up to Christmas as some of the most exciting of the year. As a child raised in a Baptist home, I liked the colors of Christmas, the sounds, smells and lights; but most of all I, like all of the kids I knew, loved the giving and receiving of things.

‘Your sword can be a sermon or the power of a pen’

Charlotte bishop applauds role of QNotes in building a ministry and community

If I were in church I would say I want to testify, but since this will be read by a broad audience, I would like to share a bit about the role QNotes has played in our work within community and encourage everyone who can to take another look at why it is so critical to support QNotes.