To submit an event to the calendar please complete the following form. Once submitted and approved, it will appear at the online calendars for QNotes, The LGBT Community Center of Charlotte and Visit Gay Charlotte. In order to ensure your event is included in QNotes print edition calendar, please submit your event at least a full three-to-four weeks prior to the event date. The print edition is published every two weeks.

Submission Tips:

Check to see if your event is already listed: Before submitting an event, peruse the calendar to see if it is already listed to aid against creating duplicate events. You could have submitted it on a partner site or a staff member at one of the partnering organizations might have already submitted your event. If your event is present and you need to correct any information on it, submit a new event with "CORRECTION" in the event headline and we will replace the former event submission with your new one.

Theatrical performances and other multiple-date events: If you are submitting information for a theatrical run or another multiple-day event, choose "Recurring Event" in the date settings and choose your recurrence by day, week or month. Once recurrence is chosen, click "Click Here to Confirm Dates" to create an event series. Your events will show up individually on the calendar with each of your related event dates shown to users. NOTE: If you are submitting an event series with different times for each or some events (i.e., a matinee showing), please email your event details to for easier submission.

Provide complete information and choose appropriate calendar categories: To speed up your event submission and approval, provide complete and clear event information, contact information, event location address and choose only as few and as appropriate event categories as necessary.

Submit in advance: Submitting your events at least a full three-to-four weeks in advance allows us to receive the information before our print publishing deadlines. Our print editions are published every two weeks. Submitting your event sooner increases your chances of getting it listed and receiving news and features coverage.

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