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September 4, 2010 – Page 3 – QNotes

Out in the Stars: Sept. 4-17

Someone has spiked our love potions when Venus pours into Scorpio. Suddenly, we feel loosey, goosy, intoxicated and ready to fly. Watch out for low ceilings. Ouch! VIRGO (08.24-09.23) There is no better time to gather a group of pals and roam the neighborhood in search of adventure. Queer Virgins are pumped up with curiosity. …

Is fear of rejection stopping you?

Tell Trinity

Hello Trinity, Being single is OK, but sometimes it seems so much easier to stay home than to go out just to be ignored. And, when I do date, it only lasts a while anyway. Rejection sucks, so why bother? Rejecting Rejection, Boulder, CO Hello Rejection, Sure, rejection sucks compared to acceptance. You remember acceptance, …