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October 2, 2010 – Page 2 – QNotes

Campus Scene: Campus harassment stats documented

News Notes: Carolinas

Campus Pride in September released a report saying that LGBT university employees and students in significant numbers have experienced harassment and lack of safety, inclusiveness in policies, as well as programs and practices during their time at school.

Wetherall takes the stage

'QAF' actor comes to High Point

“Queer As Folk” actor, Jack Wetherall, who played Vic Grassi, is appearing in the North Carolina Shakespeare Festival’s production of “The Tempest” as Prospero, which ends on Oct. 4.

New doc features gay Latino youth

Film explores life of undocumented queer young person

This fall’s debate leading up to a botched vote in the U.S. Senate focused primarily on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in many LGBT circles. The same piece of legislation that contained the impending DADT repeal also contained the DREAM Act, a provision that would allow undocumented young people the opportunity to achieve legal status through high school graduation and two years of college or military service.

50 + 1

On Being a Gay Parent

n order that our full-time LGBTQ employees have equal access to purchase the benefits plan that is available to our non-LGBTQ full-time employees and their spouses and children, the non-profit organization first needs 50 non-LGBTQ full-time employees! Both of the major health care providers of North Carolina —- United Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of NC -— have this rule.

Oh, mercy bells! It’s pageant news!

Drag Rag

Well, ladies and gents, here I go again! You know the drill — it’s about crowns and gowns here and sometimes a tux or two. Just depends. I hope everyone is doing well, getting ready for a gorgeous autumn full of contests. Y’all know how I do — if there’s anything to clear up from …

Clubs, Lies And Deep See Fishing

Tell Trinity

Hey Girl, There’s a guy at the gay clubs whom I think likes me. But, sometimes he says he’s “bi”, sometimes “just curious” and other times he’s “straight.” He kissed me twice in the last year when he was sober. What should I do? The Daily Report, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Hey Daily Report, First the bad …

Out in the Stars: Oct. 2-15

Show your pride this October when many planets sweep through lovely Libra and sexy Scorpio. Expect a few surprises in your love department when Venus retrogrades. A certain you-know-who could become a you-know-what. LIBRA (09.24-10.23) Gay Libras with a love song in their heart will have to pay a few musicians to get it played. …

MA: You mean they can read?

For Mature Audiences Only

If you’re a regular reader of qnotes, then you’ve likely already noticed some slight changes in the last couple of issues, particularly in our layout. In the next few issues, we’ll be changing up a few small things here and there. We’re always trying new things and figuring out new ways to keep our publication …