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October 30, 2010 – Page 2 – QNotes

Anti-bullying efforts needed for schools and society


“When the message out there is so horrible that to be gay you can get killed for it, we need to change the message,” Ellen DeGeneres poignantly explained on her show after the 2008 killing of 15-year-old Lawrence King. By the same token, if the message is so horrible that you should kill yourself for it, we need to change the message.

All aboard the crazy train

General Gayety

Lately the crazy train has picked up speed. I don’t know if it’s the upcoming midterm elections or people are scared by gay court victories or what, but we’re in a period of nutty.

On being a second-class parent

On Being a Gay Parent

I was walking into my local YMCA when I noticed them: a table of Boy Scouts selling Trail’s End popcorn for a fundraising drive. While my local YMCA (Chapel Hill-Carrboro branch) welcomes LGBTQ individuals and families as full members — without any special proof of our family relationship — the same could not be said of the Boy Scouts of America. I was flummoxed in seeing the Boy Scouts in front of our YMCA branch.

Plum proud of all y’all out there!

Drag Rag

Greetings and salutations, folks! You know the drill — we’re talking about wins and successes in pageantry here. Hope everyone is enjoying the gorgeous fall weather! It’s time to shave and put on a wig and some heels. Good evening!

Unity founder’s book more like a hug

Out in Print

Readers looking for Heavenly succor will find it in Bean’s reassuring teachings, while others will be merely treated to a unique memoir. If you’re up for something good, “I Was Born This Way” is worth laying eyes on.

Out in the Stars: Oct. 30-Nov. 12

Are we ready to vote for change or are we content with the status quo? Anything is possible this partisan November when almost all planets swirl closely within half the sky. Remember, it is better to be recumbent than incumbent. Chill out.