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June 11, 2011 – Page 2 – QNotes

Friends to host dinners

News Notes: Carolinas

ALFA will hold a finale for their Dining for Friends and are currently looking for supporters to host fundraising dinners at their home.

Triangle: Center to launch library

News Notes: Carolinas

The LGBT Center of Raleigh’s library will be opening in mid-August. Its mission is to provide access to resources for LGBT study and entertainment and to encourage exploration of the LGBT experience in a safe and welcoming environment.

SC Black Pride event approaches

News Notes: Carolinas

Promoters for the 6th Annual South Carolina Black Pride, “Mind, Body, & Soul,” have announced that they still have space in their event guide for advertisers. Deadline is June 17.

Chaz Bono’s ‘Transition’

Out in Print

Chaz Bono’s “Transition” is filled with angst, anger, sadness and pain, topped off with wonderment and joy. It’s also repetitious, contains a few delicately squirmy moments and its occasional bogginess is a challenge for wandering minds.

We’re related

On Being a Gay Parent

I have stood in line and watched as families with children, warring spouses and multi-generational families sail through passport control with little-to-no hassle. I, on the other hand, have always had to separate myself from my partner, each of us filling out our own, individual re-entry cards, marking “0” where you record if you are with any other family member, be it a spouse, child, or parent who is living under the same roof. That small, slightly insignificant act was a gestural reminder that my “family” is not comprehended, or treated like a family, American style.

Pageants are sizzling this summer!

Drag Rag

So, it’s not many times that I can say I’m actually excited to be writing the Rag. I’ve enjoyed doing it, but it’s a monthly thing for me and has been for many years. But, when you have two national titleholders living in your home state, that’s cause for celebration, in my opinion.

Out in the Stars: June 11-24

Love is fluffy, like walking on air. And, it all floats gloriously overhead until Mercury and Venus squares retro Neptune. Hey, who popped our balloon? Better pack a pillow for that long way back to reality.