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November 12, 2011 – Page 2 – QNotes

Which tablet is right for you?

Gift Guide 2011

Tablets are among the hottest tech gadgets and holiday gifts on the market today and with loads of multimedia functionality and on-the-go portability, many of us are looking to tablets to complement our laptop or desktop PCs.

Impress your guests with holiday etiquette 101

Gift Guide 2011: Greensboro’s Replacements, Ltd., etiquette expert shares tips

You’ve spent the entire day in the kitchen cooking the perfect holiday meal. But it’s an hour before your guests arrive and you find yourself standing in front of the table listening to that little nagging voice inside your head. Do the water glasses go to the right or left? What side does the knife …

Madonna “Bowl”ing for a hit


It’s official: The Material Girl is the halftime performer for Super Bowl XLVI. Madonna has declined the high-profile Super Bowl gig in the past, but now there’s no way she’s anything but delighted by the opportunity since she gets to unveil the first single from her forthcoming 12th studio album on the nation’s most-watched TV program.

Out in the Stars: Nov. 12-25

Aggressive Mars careens into Virgo while Mercury retrogrades in Sagittarius, setting off an eventual square aspect. Welcome a whirlwind of possibilities…and some false messages. Can you control your thoughts and actions? Before you crash into an off limits area, use some common sense to create a buffer zone.

Chat rooms, gay bars and coffee shops, oh my!

Tell Trinity

A reader poses, “After dating the same woman for three years, I recently found out that she cheated on me. I love her and don’t want to lose her, but what about my integrity and my pride. She doesn’t know I know. What should I do?