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April 14, 2012 – Page 3 – QNotes

It’s never too late!

Drag Rag

Oh, my gosh — let’s see what I can mess up this time! I must have been tapping away while I was falling asleep that last time — all this talk about going to the formers show in Hickory for Miss NC U.S.of A., and didn’t even mention the results! Saywhat? Seems like I missed something else, too — I’ll figure it out shortly.

Out in the Stars: April 14 – 27

Out in the Stars

Get a front seat for the fireworks when retrograde Mars redirects and trines retrograde Pluto. Oy, vey! How much trouble can you possibly get into? Where will your out-of-control imagination lead you? Let’s try to imagine all the possibilities!

Young, gifted and gay!

Tell Trinity

I’m writing to you because I’m 18, gay and live in a small town. There’s not a lot for me to do. It seems that if you’re not drinking age or live in a big city, you’re considered a gay outcast. Sometimes, I think there’s no place for me! Help!