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September 29, 2012 – Page 2 – QNotes

20 Questions: Wesley Thompson, Charlotte

Wesley Thompson dreamed of growing up and practicing medicine. That is, when he wasn’t dreaming of growing up and becoming Darrin Stephens and marrying a martini-making enchantress. “Once I realized I couldn’t have a witch for a wife,” he says, “guys were my next option!”

White water parenting

On Being a Gay Parent

With my life-preserver vest snuggly snapped onto my torso and my helmet or “brain bucket” firmly on my head, my partner Dean and daughter Adrianne climbed into the yellow whitewater inflated raft on a cool September afternoon.

Pageants are pouring in from everywhere! Where’s my cup?

Drag Rag

My dear readers, we gather once more, as we have for 16 years now, to get updates on pageantry tea and such. It has been a busy time since the last one, for sure. I hope you all noticed or know that the last Rag was so blessed long that it appeared online only — and not in print.

Out in the Stars: September 29 – October 12

Pluto gets bumped and jostled by Venus, Mercury and Saturn all through October, but in a very nice way. We feel our oats, as well as the oats of others, and can unleash our personal oomph to take us forward and up, up, up. Go for it, whatever “it” is.