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Miss Della

Up ’nath and down here

Arabia Knight Addams struck it rich as the new reigning Miss NC U.S.ofA.
Howdy kids and welcome back to Miss Della’s one mo’time! I’m so happy to bring you wonderful news from all over the drag pageantry world. We’ll start with some tea from Chicago — remember the benefit I mentioned that they were doing at the Baton for Tajma Hall’s quest to become Miss Continental PLUS? Well, the ballers and the drag fans must have been out, because the ole girl raised enough coins that night to buy a nice used car. I guess we’ll be seeing lovely gowns and shoes and a sick-a-ning talent come Easter weekend. In other Windy City news, the City Council there recently voted and the Baton is no longer zoned as adult entertainment. How fabulous. Some local kids will remember what the folks at Legends went through regarding this same situation many years ago.

In pageant news, I’m sending out a huge congrats to former Miss U.S.ofA. Alexis Gabrielle Sherrington who recently won Miss Transsexual America at the Saint in San Antonio. Her runners-up were Sasha Andrews and Aurora Sexton.

And you know how I do it, since we’ve already mentioned Miss U.S.ofA., why not go ahead and mention ladies who have qualified to compete at the Memorial Day showdown in “the Big D,” Dallas, Tex. Dominique Sanchez won Miss Arkansas and her RU was Whitney Paige. Catalina is the new Miss Alabama. The new Miss Georgia is Natasha Braxton with RU Stasha Sanchez. Miss Great Lakes is Kierra Cartier Fontaine. Miss PA is Ashley Blake with RU Lady Marisa. Miss Show-Me-States is Vega St. James and Miss Tri-States is Amber Stevens with RU Victoria Weston. For the Miss Classic contest, we have local gal Scarlett Dailey taking all categories at Miss Georgia and Erica King winning Miss Indiana.

Scarlett also recently won Miss N.C. Mardi Gras in Greensboro at Warehouse 29. Her RU was Sasha Leigh Chambers of Athens, Ga., formerly of the Queen City, of course. Scarlett tied with Arabia Knight-Addams in talent and Neely O’Hara won presentation.

Alyson Thomas was right on mark.
The 8th Annual Carolina Continental contests recently took place at Scorpio after many years at Myrtle Beach and what a weekend that was. On the Sunday night following all the competitions, the following winners were announced: Miss NC Continental Tamisha Iman and SC Cont., Lorna Vando. Miss NC Continental Elite is Elaine Davis and SC Elite is Petite de Jonville. Mr. NC Continental is Robbie Sutton and Mr. SC is Christopher Iman. Miss NC Continental PLUS is Sasha Sommers and SC PLUS is Britney Taylor.

Following the announcements, the crowd was treated to an incredible show by former and current titleholders such as Simba Hall, Victoria LePaige, Desiree DeMornay, Maya Douglas, Danielle Hunter, Sheri Payne, Lola Lush, Gina D’Angelo, and Deception.

That same weekend in Greensboro at Warehouse 29, Jessica Jade relinquished her title of Miss NC U.S.ofA. and Arabia Knight-Addams finally struck her gold. Yes, the ole gal has the crown, the title and is ready to show the Tarheel state just how important it was to win this title. Her RUs were Malaysia K. Black, Raven Wood and Sandra Lopez. Good luck to Arabia and Malaysia as they prepare to take on Dallas in late May.

Alyson Thomas (left) poses with the winners of the 8th Annual Carolina Continental pageants.
Also, we have a new Mr. and Miss NC Black Pride—Elaine Davis and Armon Brooks.
I wanted to share a website with some folks. It’s about the movie that filmmaker Ron Davis is doing on Miss Gay America — check it out at films.thelot.com/films/13529/2?autoplay=false. Hope you enjoy it.

Another website that I would share would be that of Tommie Ross, former Miss Everything, who just added another crown to the collection — that of Miss Sweetheart — down in Ft. Lauderdale. You can see her amazing photos at tommieross4ever.com.

In closing, I dedicate this column to a fine businessman from the Eastern part of N.C., Mr. Bill Brock. He was the past owner of the fabulous Paddock Club where the first Miss N.C. America pageant was ever held and many fine queens in the Tarheel State got their start. I know I had many a good time up in that club and many of America’s best performers have made their way through the little club at the back of the Harley Davidson shop on Dickinson Ave. May you rest in peace, Mr. Bill.

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