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Miss Della

My gosh, kiddies, where to begin? I don’t know that I’ve ever had so much tea to pour out about crossdressing pageants! My cup runneth over! We’ll start with the most recent national pageant — Mr. And Miss Black Gay U.S.ofA. The winner of the Mr. Was Khalil Valentino Litter, with runners-up Dazarion Diamond and R’darius Black. For the Miss we have a lovely girl with many local ties who won — Tenisha Cassadine, with RU’s Kennedy Davenport and Amber Starr.

Miss NC U.S.ofA. at Large Paisley Parque, Miss NC U.S.ofA. winner Jessica Jade and first alternate Conchita Coco.
Since we’re discussing the U.S.ofA. corporation, let’s continue with recent prelim qualifiers for the Miss pageant being held in May in Dallas, TX. The new Miss GA is Mya Monroe with RU Lisha Paris; Miss LA is Jasmine SX (who used to work in our area); Miss MN is Bebe Benet with RU Victoria LePaige; Miss MO is Danielle Hunter with RU Misty Meanor; Miss TN is the gorgeous Aurora Sexton with RU’s Trinity Taylor and China; Miss Tri-States is Alyssa Edwards and RU’s Jade DeSante and Janet Andrews; and Miss WI is Deja Voo.

For the Classic U.S.ofA., there have been several prelims as well. Miss GA, which Chelsea Pearl won with RU P. Jazzmine Darnell; Miss Heartland, Joey Winters; Miss IN, Purrsia Leialoha; Miss KY, Latina Garrett with RU’s Bridget Nickles and Sa’vage; Miss PA, Joy Marnier and RU Morgan Wells; and Miss WI, Alexis Winter and RU Sundae de LaRouge.
Only one prelim for the At-Large so far is Miss TN, which my good sis, Malaysia K. Black, won with RU’s Raquell Scott and Monica St. James.

Club Odyssey in Winston-Salem recently hosted the Galaxy International PLUS and Miss/Mr. Newcomer contests. The new Miss Plus is Ava Chanel Alexandria with RU Malaysia Black; the Miss Newcomer is Akyria McCray with RU Nikki Cassadine Davis; and the new Mr. is Artez Bonet with RU Ecstasy M. Dupree.

On the Continental scene, the new Miss Heart of America Elite is Marilyn Black; Miss Missouri Elite is none other than former Miss Gay America Vickie Vincent with RU Sonya Ross. Then we have six crownings on one night in Myrtle Beach with Alyson Thomas’ Carolina Continental contests: Miss NC is Gina D’Angelo, Miss SC is Tatianna Braxton; Miss NC PLUS is Lola Lush; Miss SC PLUS is the breathtakingly beautiful and oh-so-sweet Nina Cherry; and Miss NC Elite is Scarlett Dailey and Miss SC Elite is the incomparable (and seemingly ageless) Sheri Payne.

Many local (and not-so-local) contests add to my report. They include: Miss Pantheon down in Charleston, which Luscious gave up to Conchita Starr, with RU’s Eliza Cartier and Petite de Jonville (formers Dorae Saunders and Brooke Collins were present, I’m told); Raven Wood, the new Miss Sweetheart FI, a prelim to Miss NC FI; Warehouse 29’s Miss Mardi Gras, which Jasmine James won, with RU Neely O’Hara; Miss Scorpio, which Dorae Sierra Saunders won, with RU Detra Penucci (who wore it out with Lena Horne)...honorable mention goes to Gina D’Angelo who served clothes and mug all night long and stunned the crowd with her Celia Cruz impersonation; Miss O’Zone down in Miami, which Tatianna Braxton won; and the Land of the Sky pageant in Asheville, which Celeste Starr won, with RU Chyna.

Many old-school readers will be pleased to hear that Candi Stratton, former first alternate to Miss Continental and Miss U.S.ofA., recently beat out 24 girls from around the world at Miss Gay Universe in her home of Sydney, Australia. As most of you know, Candi went on to have reassignment surgery and was a flight attendant for years. She is married now and they operate the trans/drag website tgconnect. Many congrats to the Lady Candi!

I’m told I missed a show here in Charlotte at the Uptown Cabaret. Make-up artist to the stars, Bill, rounded up some girls for a ’70s themed party they had there to do some character impersonations. Drag stars Kerri Nichols did Madonna and debuted her Cyndi Lauper; Tiffany Bonet did Tina Turner; Luscious did Janet Jackson; and our transistor sister Tamalah Taylor wowed the crowd with her Boy George. I understand a good time was had by all — and that’s saying a lot in a topless club.

Warehouse 29 was the setting for Miss NC U.S.ofA. during the first weekend in March. I’m pleased to report that Jessica Jade of Roanoke, VA, was crowned by Fayetteville’s Jennifer St. James. After two nights of preliminary competitions, the crowd was treated to a show and awards ceremony featuring many former state titleholders. The following special awards were also given out: Achievement in the System to Arabia Knight-Addams; the Adrienne Ashe award went to Monica Marlo; and Big Shirli Chappelle Stevenz received an appreciation award for all of her support and behind the scenes mastery. I should know, she even laid me out to make a cameo appearance in Conchita Coco’s talent. I felt like I weighed 110 pounds up in some six inch heels. I’m trying to tell ya’ — old gal was purdy! Jessica’s court included first RU Conchita Coco, second, Raven Simone, third, Arabia Knight-Addams, then rounded out with Malaysia K. Black, Ariel Knight-Addams, Detra Penucci and Uniquea. My thanks to Kent and his staff at Warehouse 29, Paisley Parque, Monica Marlo, Big Shirli, Victoria Parker and especially Gina Davis and Conchita Coco for all their hospitality that weekend.

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