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David Moore

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy

Remember the case in Florida this past July about a gay couple who came home to find that their mobile home had been torched and spray painted with the words "Die Fag?" According to the story, Paul Day and Christopher Robertson, a young gay couple in their mid-20s had been experiencing continued harassment at the hands of homophobic neighbors.

At the time police walked through the torched remains with Robertson - who pointed out that all the valuables had been stolen - and helped him fill out insurance claims. Now, three months later, Robertson says he set the fire.
Why did he do that!? I'm not condoning what he did, but couldn't he have just kept his mouth shut after the fact? Sometimes it's our very own people that can do us the most damage.

There's simply no reason to fake hate crimes against ourselves - there are plenty of homo-hatin' wingnuts out there already willing to do it for us.

Perhaps Robertson was experiencing harassment from neighbors. Perhaps torching the trailer was the only way he saw to escape the harassment and end up with enough insurance money so that he and his hubby could rebuild their lives somewhere else outside of trailer park hell. Whatever the case, Robertson's plan - from action to follow-up - was stupid. It makes him look bad. It makes us as a community look bad.

What has it left him with? Nothing. A burned out trailer. No extra money and probably some time coming up in the big house.

Additional reports have indicated that Day had no knowledge of Robertson's plan and police are not considering him as a suspect, though he is cooperating with the police. Think he'll still be waiting around for Robertson when the doors swing open?

Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Another stupido that made me wanna smack some sense into him this week came in the form of a former New York ad agent and "socialite" (blah, blah, blah -whatever the hell that means) known as J. David Enright IV (could he have a more pretentious name?).

According to Enright he was repeatedly molested by Rev. Joseph Romano at Camp Tekawitha on Lake Luzerne in upstate New York when he was seven or eight years old.

I sympathize with Enright's molestation experience.
However, Enright is suing the Catholic Church for $5mil and claiming that the experience made him into the gay man that he is today.

"I believe that my life would be very different now," said Enright. "I'd probably be married, living in Greenwich, with four children in boarding school. Romano bent my life."
What alternate reality bus did this goof just get off of? I ain't buyin' it.

Here's the rest of his crap:
"I had a completely straight life in business, socially on Park Ave. and Fifth Ave.," he said, adding he did date women in the 1980s. "Then there was the other world, which was slinking around in Greenwich Village gay bars, finding mates."

So he's proud of the fact that he had a "completely straight life" and that he dated women but when it comes to his desire for interaction with men and the gay community he refers to it as "slinking?" Slinking?
slinking (slinkoing) - To move in a quiet furtive manner; sneak: slunk away ashamed; a cat slinking through the grass toward its prey
In other words, Enright's full of homophobic self-loathing and he wants to blame it all on his molestor and the Catholic Church? I can see blaming the Catholic Church for the self-loathing but blaming his molestor for making him gay?

Please. How stupid.
I was never molested by anyone and I turned out just fine. And queer.
Not for one moment am I gonna buy the notion that his experience made him spend inordinant amounts of time slinking around New York gay bars in search of man on man sex instead of going to society balls with Binky and watching the little Enrights run and play on the big green lawn.

Sue for the molestation and punish the perpetrator, sure, but do you have to punish the rest of the gay community by tagging on that nonsensical bit about being "made gay?"
According to wire reports Enright is a descendant of Albany's aristocratic Van Rensselaer and de la Grange families, and he is purported to have made millions in 1982 as an advertising executive for the Broadway production of "42nd Street."

If he believes that his childhood experience determined his sexual orientation then most certainly he should believe that he could spend some of those big bucks to change it back.
Go on! Give Exodus a call. We don't want you in our camp anyway.

David Moore

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