QNotes recently debuted a new community calendar system. Please click here to submit your event there. You can still use the form below, but we encourage you to directly submit your events on our new system. Click here to submit on the new system.

Use the form below to easily submit events for inclusion in the print edition’s Q events calendar and our online QGuide Events listings. Events must be submitted at least a full three-four weeks prior to the event date in order to make it into our print edition calendar; our print edition is published every two weeks.

Increase your chances of inclusion:

Theatrical performances: If you are submitting information for a theatrical run, only submit one event and include the full range of dates (i.e. Jan. 3-20) instead of submitting each night as a separate event.

Multiple events: If you are submitting multiple, similar events within a short time frame, try compiling all the necessary information into one email and contacting events@goqnotes.com.

Event priorities: Top priority for events calendar listings go to non-profit and community organizations serving the LGBT community and arts organizations, but we welcome any and all events from LGBT-owned and LGBT-friendly businesses.

Submit in advance: Submitting your events at least a full three-four weeks in advance allows us to receive the information before our print publishing deadlines. Our print editions are published every two weeks. Submitting your event sooner increases your chances of getting it listed and receiving news and features coverage.

Please note: The form below requires a javascript-enabled internet browser. If you do not have a javascript-enabled browser, you can email your event listing(s) to events@goqnotes.com. Thank you.

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