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Family, struggle and solidarity in Charlotte’s gay bar scene

Looking Back with Gregg Brafford

In 1984, when Greg Brafford became part-owner of O’leens, one of Charlotte, N.C.’s most storied gay bars, the city was not far removed from the time when “suspected homosexuals” would be arrested in Freedom Park and have their names featured on the front page of The Charlotte Observer.

Is AIDS Still Sexy?

Looking at the issues surrounding the importance of continued progress

Since 1988, December 1st has been designated World AIDS Day as an opportunity for people all over the world to be a part of the fight against HIV, provide support to those who are living with HIV and to honor and remember the people who have died as a result.

‘Patient Zero’ found innocent

New study exonerates Gaetan Dugas, a martyred hero, who was blamed for triggering pandemic

A new study by scientists at the University of Arizona has made a significant find regarding the advent of the United States HIV/AIDS epidemic.