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bathroom bills – QNotes

Tennessee passes anti-trans legislation

Slate of Hate bills gain traction

Against opposition from business interests and LGBTQ activists, Tennessee legislators are continuing to advance homophobic and transphobic bills, the so called “Slate of Hate.”

HB2 descendant ‘bathroom bill’ passed in Texas House

Measure is one of 24 anti-LGBTQ bills introduced this session in Texas

An amendment requiring transgender public school students to use birth-sex assigned bathrooms has passed through the Texas House of Representatives after being added to an unrelated education bill in the dead of night.

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Beyond the Carolinas

Soulforce is seeking individuals who want to craft doves for their Altar of Life protest at the National Religious Broadcaster’s global annual conference in Orlando, Fla., from Feb. 27-March 2. Doves have already made an appearance at the Creating Change Conference held in Philadelphia, Pa. in January. Visit Soulforce’s website to get instructions and shipping …