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GLMA Launches Listserv

Creation of Bi+ Health Professional Network

This electronic mailing list will serve to strengthen connections between the LGBTQ community and current or aspiring healthcare professionals.

Preserving Nina Simone’s History

Projects Pay Tribute to the North Carolina Native

A new mural on W. Trade Street in Charlotte portrays eight Black musicians from North Carolina, including the bisexual “High Priestess of Soul” Nina Simone. The project by Charlotte artist Tafo (a.k.a. Tony Feimster) and Abel Jackson is entitled “NC 8” and is supported by the Historic West End and the NoDa Neighborhood Association.

WATCH: 13 things to stop saying to bisexuals

Bisexuals often face biphobia from both the straight and gay communities. There are a number of myths surrounding bisexuality, despite the fact that bisexuals have existed throughout history. Here are some things bi people are sick of hearing and that you should stop saying, if you find yourself thinking them. The quotes below are Cruz’s. …