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Bill James – QNotes

Ding dong, he’s finally gone!

Commentary: The Pendulum Swings

It’s been a hair-raising week for the LGBTQ and progressive communities. We all sat and watched the election returns with anxiety and anticipation.

County Commissioner in NC goes after transgender people, uses anti-trans slur

Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James has a long anti-gay history, outlined in a recent article highlighting some of his more homophobic, as well as racist, moments and looking at his reelection bid. James has voted against LGBT rights on numerous occasions and has often garnered negative attention for his offensive comments against minority groups. Related: NC …

Mecklenburg County Commissioner candidate Joel Levy accused of transphobia, responds

Yesterday, I wrote a post about Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James running for reelection after serving two decades and, in that time, making numerous homophobic and racist comments, not to mention his anti-gay voting record. The article listed seven of his worst moments, and originally encouraged District 6 voters to finally oust him. Unfortunately, they only …

Homophobic, racist County Commissioner Bill James running for reelection, here are seven of his worst moments

If you do not already know Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James, consider yourself lucky. But in the vein of knowing thine enemy, allow yourself to be educated to the extent of this man’s ugliness. The Conservative Republican has been making ridiculous statements and casting anti-equality votes for two decades now. James has announced that he will …