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Pride in Rugby

QNotes’ 2019 Organization of the Year Brings the Community Together

Each year, qnotes selects a person or organization that is benefitting the LGBTQ community through service or by breaking down barriers in the region. This year, we chose The Charlotte Royals which was founded on the idea to foster a supportive environment where gay and bisexual men and their straight allies can learn and play the sport of rugby.

From Brooklyn to Ballantyne: The story behind Charlotte’s affordable housing crisis

Charlotte’s history of affordable housing includes broken promises and empty gestures. Now that the city’s chronic shortage has become a crisis, leaders are responding with unprecedented resources. Will this time be different?

Anyone who’s lived in Charlotte for a minute knows that the Ballantyne area, wealthier than Mecklenburg County as a whole, isn’t the place to find an affordable apartment if you’re a hotel housekeeper, a fry cook, a landscaper — anyone making less than $15 or so an hour.

Where’s Charlotte’s history?

InFocus: Charlotte 2018 — It’s at the Charlotte Museum of History, where new leader Adria Focht hopes to collect more diverse community and cultural stories from Charlotte’s residents

As Adria Focht walked down the pathway to the 244-year-old Hezekiah Alexander Homesite, she stopped mid-sentence to pick up a tiny piece of glazed ceramic lying in the wet brush — something most people wouldn’t have noticed.

Children’s book about gender non-conforming boy banned after NCGA uproar

CMS bows to pressure from politicians, “family values” activists

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A children’s book called “Jacob’s New Dress” was meant to teach children a lesson about bullying and acceptance, but its inclusion in curriculum inspired backlash from conservative powers. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) pulled the book from the first-grade curriculum after legislators got wind of it and objected. Originally intended as an observance of Child …