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Triangle: Dem leader resigns

Carolinas News Notes

Ryan Butler has tendered his resignation as president of LGBT Democrats of North Carolina in order to join his husband, Chris Sgro, who has taken a position with the Human Rights Campaign in Washington, D.C.

Equality NC’s Sgro to resign, hired with HRC

Sgro will take his post as communications director for HRC June 5

The Human Rights Campaign and Equality NC Executive Director Chris Sgro have announced that Sgro will leave his ENC position and begin a post as Communications Director for HRC on June 5. Sgro plans to use this new opportunity to continue to fight for LGBTQ rights and equality.

Is Twitter the new vehicle for LGBTQ activism?

Two North Carolina politicians have come under fire for their use of Twitter. Sen. Joel Ford issued an apology after an online altercation with an LGBTQ advocate, and former Rep. Chris Sgro is drawing criticism for allegedly lobbying via Twitter too soon after his legislative term.

Time Out Youth’s new facilities may enable a youth shelter

Org aspires to expand services with larger location

Long one of the most proactive of Charlotte’s LGBTQ nonprofits, Time Out Youth Center (TOY) is currently remodeling their newly-purchased facilities at 3800 Monroe Rd. in east Charlotte, N.C. The organization’s hopes for the new property, according to Executive Director Rodney Tucker, are huge — but the staff and sponsors have the dedication to achieve their dreams.

Many speculate on the legislature’s plans for this year’s session

HB2 a hot topic for the new legislative session

As the new year begins, many hope for a more productive legislative season than 2016 produced. House Bill 2 (HB2), the controversial “bathroom bill” that sparked widespread protests for its violation of transgender rights, is perhaps the biggest issue being debated by politicians, activists, and journalists alike.

He is a true champion

2016 Year in Review — Retrospective: From the offices of ENC to the capitol, Chris Sgro stands out

The executive director of Equality North Carolina (ENC) has had a busy year during 2016. He has worked tirelessly on issues that surround making Tar Heel State’s LGBTQ citizens better. And, that has not been easy, especially in the face of the alt-Right’s agenda to “push ‘em gays down and strip ‘em of their rights.”