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Wisecrack inspires solution to store shortages amid pandemic

Cleveland Web Developer Uses Tech Skills to Combat COVID-19

Last month amid the COVID-19 outbreak, consumers in panic-driven stockpiling, wiped out store shelves and finding basic needs … have left shoppers having to either improvise with what they have or simply go without, all in an attempt to minimize the possibility of contracting COVID-19. But one clever computer wiz has thought outside the current parameters and has come up with a viable solution for those seeking products to purchase.

Beyond Pride sponsorships: marketing to the LGBTQ community

Big events make big impact, but what else can companies do for inclusion?

Years have passed since major corporations began to take notice of the LGBTQ community’s buying power, as well as its growing prominence. Companies are still developing strategies to target the LGBTQ consumer market. One major way to reach these consumers — tried, true and effective — is through sponsoring major events, like Pride festivals and Human Rights Campaign (HRC) projects.