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We’ve Never Met, But I’m In Love

A reader asks: “A few months ago I met a guy on the Internet who lives in another state. We talk on the phone a lot, but we’ve never met. Now, I am falling in love and I want to tell him. Is this a good idea?”

Born Free Until My Ex Calls

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A reader asks: “After a year of being tied down in a relationship, I’m now free. But when I told my ex I was going on vacation to let loose and experience endless sexual encounters, he told me that I was shallow and inconsistent. Is he right?”

You Are Never Gay Enough!

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A reader asks: “Why do gay people always have to push the limits, like the way they dress, act and the art they produce? It’s often so over the top. When is too much, too much?”

My Ex Is Back and He Wants To…Date!

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A reader asks: “My ex just moved back to my area after being away for seven months! Not a call or a letter, nothing! Now he wants to get back together. Don’t you think seven months is too long to keep someone hanging and expect them to get back together?”

Young, Gifted and Gay!

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A reader asks: “I’m writing to you because I’m 18, gay and live in a small town. There’s not a lot for me to do. It seems that if you’re not of drinking age or live in a big city, you’re considered a gay outcast. Sometimes, I think there’s no place for me! Help!”

Your Secret’s NOT Safe With Me

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A reader asks: “My best friend won’t talk to me anymore because I told someone something about her that I swore I would never tell. Don’t you think it’s wrong to give up a long-time friendship just because someone slipped?”

Oh No, Not Drag!

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A reader asks: “Recently, a guy I’ve been dating just told me he did drag. He’s so masculine. I never suspected it. I’m afraid that seeing him in drag will ruin my sexual attraction for him. Help!”