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Let’s Try Swimming Again

Health & Wellness: Dipping a Toe into the Dating Pool

As I type this at 2 p.m. on a Sunday, my date from last night is still passed out on the couch. Given that he was blacked out and peed in the bed (possibly ruining a $5,000 Tempur-Pedic mattress), I honestly don’t care if he wakes up and reads this over my shoulder.

Demonic, Immoral and Shameful Living

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A reader asks: “I’ve been dating this guy off and on for almost a year, but then… I met his brother. Now, I’ve been fooling around with his brother behind his back for a few months. Am I bad, or is it his brother’s fault too?”

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

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A reader asks: “All this complaining and inside fighting between the gay men, lesbians and the bisexual community over the “transgender” community makes gay rights so much less powerful! Don’t you agree?”

Dating, Subliminal Messaging and Your True Age

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A reader asks: “This may sound juvenile, but I’m afraid to tell my girlfriend that I’m younger than I said I was. I’m afraid she’ll dump me. She always says, “I really like that you’re older than me.” And so on. What should I do?”

Feeding the Fire of Your Relationship

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A reader asks: “After seven years with the same person, our relationship has become sexually stale. Some of our friends who are also couples say, ‘Try different and alternative sexual activities.’ Don’t you think sexual “alternatives” are cop-outs?”

Daily dating affirmation: really?

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A reader asks: “Why does dating always have to be so negative and draining? Isn’t there some way for getting through the daily sludge of dating?”

Barflies, Distant Men and Losers

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A reader asks: “I met someone at the bar who says he “wants to be with me,” yet doesn’t want to do non-bar related stuff together, not even a movie. When I confront him, he compares me to his abusive ex. Is there an unhealthy issue I haven’t figured out?”