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Meeting Someone Outside The LGBTQ Box

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A reader asks: “I’m 36, fun, good-looking and very educated. I just can’t bring myself to go to LGBTQ bars, hook up apps or any other ridiculous place to meet other gay folks. So how can I meet my match without dumping my self-respect?”

You Are One In A Million

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A reader asks, “I seem to be on an unlucky streak. I lost my job, my partner and now I’m being evicted. The only thing good in my life is my health and my cat. Help!”

When In Rome Do As The Romans Do

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A reader asks: “Recently, I moved in with my father and his new wife. But she wants me to be quiet about being gay. She’s afraid she will lose custody of her grandchildren because a gay man is living in her house. I told her it won’t happen. It’s against the law. Unfortunately, I don’t have a job or the money to move. What should I do?”

Chat Rooms, Gay Bars and Coffee Shops, Oh My!

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A reader asks: “Many issues back you answered a letter about a guy who wanted to meet dates without going to GLBTQ bars, chat rooms or other meeting places. You told him, ‘He can’t!’ and should rethink his attitude on these places. Well, I think your advice was crappy! I would’ve told him to ditch these places and keep his eyes peeled.”

When Your Best Friend Is Too Nosey

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A reader asks: “I’ve had the same best friend for eight years. We’ve been through everything together. Now he’s bothering me about how I treat my partner. He says, ‘I have to be more understanding and less quick tempered!’ How do I get my friend to be less nosey and let me live my life?”

Let’s Try Swimming Again

Health & Wellness: Dipping a Toe into the Dating Pool

As I type this at 2 p.m. on a Sunday, my date from last night is still passed out on the couch. Given that he was blacked out and peed in the bed (possibly ruining a $5,000 Tempur-Pedic mattress), I honestly don’t care if he wakes up and reads this over my shoulder.

Demonic, Immoral and Shameful Living

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A reader asks: “I’ve been dating this guy off and on for almost a year, but then… I met his brother. Now, I’ve been fooling around with his brother behind his back for a few months. Am I bad, or is it his brother’s fault too?”