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2012 Democratic National Convention – Page 13 – QNotes


Editor's Note

There’s a lot going on these days. For me, my personal and professional lives are jam-packed, especially after returning to college again this semester. The community is moving full-steam ahead on many fronts nationally, statewide and locally. It’s hard to fit everything in, but I’m gonna try.

The Democratic Party’s brilliant political strategy

With a difficult election season hanging over the Democratic Party’s head, Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman Tim Kaine last week announced his grand new plan to galvanize his base across the country. Excited? Of course you are. So what is this grand new plan to save the Democrats? Yes, that’s right: the key to salvaging …

Does Charlotte’s DNC 2012 bid rely on sending the gays to Vegas?

Guest Commentary

by Mark Wisniewski, Charlotte, N.C. [Ed. Note — An edited version of this commentary was printed in The Charlotte Observer on Aug. 15. The longer, unabridged version was also submitted to qnotes and is reprinted below. Since the piece’s submission, the Visit Charlotte website has corrected some of the mistakes addresssed by this writer.] I’ve …

Wisniewski on Larson: Charlotte and the gays

On Sunday, we linked to community member Mark Wisniewski’s Charlotte Observer guest commentary on Charlotte’s lack of inclusion and recognition of LGBT citizens in light of the city’s bid to host 2012’s Democratic National Convention. His piece was partly based on my two pieces exploring “The State of LGBT Charlotte” and comparing the Queen City …

Wisniewski: In light of DNC bid, city failing on LGBT issues, treatment

Community member Mark Wisniewski writes to The Charlotte Observer on his views regarding the city’s bid to host the 2012 Democratic National Convention and the city’s treatment of LGBT citizens. He writes: I’ve been watching with interest the push for Charlotte to land the honor of hosting the Democratic National Convention in 2012 while reviewing …