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Pardon moi what?

Dishing with Buff Faye

It takes a village, even for drag queens. Often we don’t see all the supporters and people behind the scenes, helping make a queen look flawless. Nor do we think about what it takes to put together a drag show: the costs involved, the planning of a special event and all the logistics.

Book me: 10 tips on how to get a drag booking

Dishing with Buff Faye

“RuPaul Drag Race” Season 8 started on March 7. Who would have thought drag would be so popular? Just look right here in the Queen City. More and more drag queens are popping up all around.

Time to Tip More: Drag is not Cheap

Dishing with Buff Faye

Get those dollar bills out. It is time to talk about money and the financial costs of being a drag queen. Now there may be some cheap looking drag queens, but always remember it costs money to look that cheap.