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Orgs share endorsement picks

Federal, State and Local Races

It’s finally 2020 political season and the country is off to the start for voting for their favorite candidates across a plethora of races. Here in the Carolinas, races are being run in hopes of capturing voter’s nods when they cast their ballots on Super Tuesday on March 3.

Primary elections to decide key races

Carolinas News Notes

Across Mecklenburg County and North Carolina the upcoming primary on Sept. 10 will bring candidates one step closer to election and the square-off between Democrat Dan McCready and Republican Dan Bishop will leave one person victorious in securing the 9th District House of Representatives seat. McCready has secured endorsement from the Human Rights Campaign.

Election 2016: Statewide, national orgs endorse candidates

Candidates prepare for last push before primary

All across the state of North Carolina, voters are gathering at their local early voting locations or are securing an absentee ballot so they can cast their support for their favored candidates in North Carolina’s primary elections.