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Faith – Page 8 – QNotes

Conversion therapy lies

Guest Commentary

“But I’m a Cheerleader” was my introduction to conversion therapy. It’s a ridiculous comedy that satirizes the movement to “cure” people with same-sex attractions. I thought it was an extreme exaggeration, and it left me believing conversion therapy is a joke.

God loves everyone

Spiritual Reflections

All of us that are LGBT Christians have had a difficult journey in life. We have suffered from persecution and judgment because we are different. That persecution and judgment, whether it be from family, friends, coworkers or strangers, has beaten us down to the point that we frequently question our worth as a person and our worth to our God and Jesus, our Savior.

Going back to Egypt

Guest Commentary

We come together for a multi-faith service. We all come from different faiths and some of us come from no formal religious faith at all. I can understand. Sometimes having faith is hard, especially in recent weeks living in North Carolina.