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HB2 repeal – QNotes

N.C. mayors implore colleagues across nation to end travel bans

Cities and states nationwide reaffirm official protest of HB2 and HB 142

More than a dozen city mayors across North Carolina have signed a letter asking that states and cities banning taxpayer-funded travel to N.C. in response to HB 2 and HB 142 lift their bans. The letter comes after more than 20 cities and three states announced that travel bans initiated under HB2 would continue in spite of the so-called “repeal” bill, HB 142, which keeps much of HB2 in place.

HB2 repeal passes with key provisions infuriating LGBTQ advocates

HB 142 keeps local governments from banning discrimination

In a rushed collaboration not publicized until yesterday, North Carolina General Assembly Republican leadership crafted an HB2 repeal bill that activists are calling “HB 2.0.” The bill, HB 142, passed through Senate and House chambers and was signed by Gov. Cooper despite LGBTQ advocates calling for the governor to veto the measure.

Separate bills filed in N.C. House, Senate to replace and repeal HB2

Both would expand protections for LGBTQ people

Two bills have been introduced, one in each house of the North Carolina legislature, aiming to fully repeal House Bill 2 (HB2) and replace it with non-discrimination protections including sexual orientation and gender identity. In a legislature that has staunchly refused to repeal the transphobic law, sponsors of the repeal bills know that passing the new legislation may prove a serious challenge.

Many speculate on the legislature’s plans for this year’s session

HB2 a hot topic for the new legislative session

As the new year begins, many hope for a more productive legislative season than 2016 produced. House Bill 2 (HB2), the controversial “bathroom bill” that sparked widespread protests for its violation of transgender rights, is perhaps the biggest issue being debated by politicians, activists, and journalists alike.

After failed HB2 repeal, LGBTQ advocates return to the courts

Legal battles to continue the fight for transgender rights

The repeal of House Bill 2 (HB2), North Carolina’s notorious anti-LGBTQ “bathroom bill,” failed. After Charlotte City Council fully repealed its “triggering” non-discrimination ordinance, the state’s legislators tried to pull one over on LGBTQ advocates by proposing a repeal that included a six-month ban on non-discrimination protections. The move was so controversial that the session ended without so much as a vote on HB2 repeal.